Hawaiian linebacker talks recruiting

Hawaii has always been a recruiting priority for Oregon State. Coach Chad Kauha'aha'a recently made a trip to the Islands and BeaverBlitz gets you caught up with one of the main targets.

Oregon State’s outside linebacker coach, Chad Kauha’aha’a, is no stranger to the Hawaiian Islands. Having grown up in Maui, it is fitting that he is responsible for recruiting the fertile landscape of the islands.

Over the bye weekend, Coach Chad hit the recruiting trail, which meant a flight from Portland to Honolulu to take in some prospects high school games. One of the four games he took in was Kamehameha against ‘Iolani, and that meant Coach Chad was going to see one of his top targets, linebacker Andrew Aleki

Aleki, a 6’3” 225 pound versatile linebacker, did not disappoint racking up double digit tackles including 4.5 tackles for loss.

“We played pretty well, we won like 50-20. Coach Chad was there on the sideline. We were able to shake hands and talk for a minute. He watched a good game, we won,” Aleki told BeaverBlitz.

The three-star linebacker is a wanted man per se. The Beavers aren’t the only team actively recruiting Andrew. Hawaii, UNLV, San Diego State, Washington State and Air Force have all extended offers and Arizona State is keeping tabs on him. Currently, Oregon State and Washington State are in contact most frequently; with those two programs and Hawaii rounding out his top-3.

“Most of the teams are recruiting me as an outside linebacker, but the Beavers are saying either outside linebacker or maybe inside linebacker.” Aleki continued, “OSU, Wazzu and Hawaii are my top-3 mostly because they all feel like home and that’s why I have them up on top right now.

A common theme with most recruits from the islands is the aspect of family and their importance in the athlete making their decision. Andrew is no different. “One reason why OSU is up there is because my Mom went out there last year for a basketball camp and she really liked everything about it.”

Andrew has yet to discuss setting up any official visits with his family, but is looking forward to doing so soon. He hopes to make his decision after taking a couple trips once his season ends this November.

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