The Smack-10

Greetings, Beaver Faithful! <br><br>Weekly prediction articles are a dime a dozen, loaded with the same old stuff – injuries, statistics, etc. – that make every online gambler's heart go pitter patter. On the whole, however, they're as much fun as an insurance convention.

A few years ago, as a goof, I started my own version of Pac-10 weekly predictions for the Beaver email group I belong to and have been doing it ever since. So when Big Dan of Beaver Insiders asked me for a weekly column, this was a no-brainer.

My hope is that you will enjoy my weekly contribution to the prediction world as much as the good folks in my email group do. And while I make every attempt to tickle the funny bone in describing how each game will go down, I am serious about who I pick to win the game. In fact, I have an 82% record of picking the winners over the last three years. These are straight up and down picks, since I could care less about point spreads. I also don’t believe in being “politically correct” but I’ll be toning the verbiage down a bit, as this is being published for more public consumption. I emphasize “a bit”…just keep those cards and letters coming!

Finally, due to the 1-year reprieve given to the BCA Classic, thanks to last year’s monsoon in the South, my predictions for this week only contain one game. It also gives me a chance to warm up the humor section of the brain and show you the shape of things to come. Look for Week #1B to arrive on Wednesday in its full form.

With that said, here is my Smack-10 Prediction for Week #1A…

Sat. Aug. 23rd

Cal @ Kansas State:
The boyz of Ssssssssssstrawberry Canyon head to the flat lands of Lawrence to battle the kitties of Kansass State and lot’s of questions about Coach Deadford’s charges will be answered by the time this impending disaster is over. Birkenstock State just doesn’t have the horses to reload from last year’s surprise run to a winning record and KState QB Ell Roberson, an early Heisman candidate, should have a good time chucking and ducking all game long. Ell and Company will win this one handily, but thanks to a few trickerations by the Inspector Gadget of the Bay, the margin will be relatively close. Final score: KSU 38 – Cal 17. In a disturbing post-game incident, Roberson is doused with red paint by PETA protesters for his abuse of bears, resulting in several arrests. As punishment, a judge forces the violators to watch 18 hours of reruns of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom

See you next week and GO BEAVS!!!

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