Practice Rewind: Defense gears up for Broncos

Oregon State defensive coordinator Kevin Clune met with the media following Wednesday's practice. Hear his thoughts on Boise State and hear how the team looked here.

Clune’s success against Boise State:

When Utah State played against Boise State a season ago, the Aggies were able to pull off the 45-26 upset against the then 21st-ranked Broncos. Utah State’s defense was coached by current Oregon State defensive coordinator Kevin Clune.

Clune’s defense was able to hold the traditionally potent Boise State offense to 17 points through the first three quarters as Utah State built a 45-17, the Broncos scored nine points in the final quarter , but the game was well out of reach.

Despite last year’s success, Clune knows that Boise State presents a unique challenge each week, and just because he had success against them last year, doesn’t mean they will have the same type of performance this year. 

“It was a lot of things coming together for that team on that night executing really well on defense and took care of business,” Clune said. “We took the ball away from a number of times, this will be a new situation with new players and obviously a new team.”

Multiple looks from Boise State:

One of the reason’s that Boise State remains one of the top offenses is their ability to attack a defense in multiple ways.

“They will try and big-boy you and power you and run the ball down your throat. Then they will throw the screen game at you and they are really good at screen game,” Clune said. “Then they are going to try and trick you with all their shift motions and wildcats all those different stuff. They are going to do everything they can to win.”

With all motions and shifting that the Broncos do on offense, it will test the defense’s discipline in executing their assignments. The coaches are working on making the defensive gameplan simple enough so that defense can handle the multiple looks.

That’s what the  coaches are trying to do, make our job more basic when it comes to all the shifts and motions,” said outside linebacker Titus Failauga, whose primary job will be setting the edge against the Broncos. “We just have to execute and they will be good.”

Treating Boise State like a Pac-12 Opener

Boise State’s track record speaks for itself over the past decade. With multiple BCS bowl appearance and wins over Power 5 teams, this game carries more weight than a usual non-conference game.

“I feel like this is our opener for the Pac-12, this is like a Pac-12 team in my opinion,” said safety Brandon Arnold. “They end up beating (Washington State)...I feel very excited, I feel it’s going to be a good game against good competition. It gets me excited go against competition like this.”

Other Notes:

  • Yesterday the team released the two-deep for the Boise State game, Yanni Demogerontas was listed as the starter at center, during practice Demogerontas was working with the first unit. Then during the two-minute drill, Brayden Kearsley worked with the first unit offense.
  •  Jordan Villamin was also back working exclusively with the first unit.
  •  Jay Irvine was in the first team secondary playing on the outside.
  •  Noah Togiai was still in crutches, but he looked like he was able to put some weight on his injured knee and was moving around fairly well all things considering. 


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