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Staff Predictions: Colorado

Oregon State hits the road to open the PAC 12 in Boulder on Saturday. Time for the BeaverBlitz staff weighs in with their predictions for the game.

Score Prediction Standings

Angie Machado 2-1
Eric Machado 3-0
Jeff Perry 3-0
John Newby 2-0
Adam Nicholson 2-1
Brian Rathbone 3-0
Peter Riley Osborne 3-0
Raju Woodward 3-0

Angie Machado:  Colorado: 41 - Oregon State 24

Colorado looks like the real deal and while I like Oregon State's secondary to contain the Buffaloes to some extent, they are a veteran group that will find a way to make plays.  Oregon State has been a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde team this season.  Will we see the team that showed up in the first half of the Boise State game or the team that showed up in the second half?

Eric Machado: Colorado 41 - Oregon State 31.

If the Beavs play like they did in the second half of the Boise State game last weekend, they can absolutely win.   However, since we haven't seen them put a full game together in quite sometime, the odds seem quite low.  Further clouding the outlook is this game being the first Pac-12 road game, at high elevation, against a team coming off their biggest win in years.  I think the Beavs play more of a complete game, but come up short.  

Jeff Perry:  Colorado 34 - Oregon State 20

Going to have to reverse myself after picking the Beavs to win this one in the pre-season staff picks. Unfortunately Colorado is further along than I expected, and the Beavs have improved but not as much as I'd expected.  I think OSU benefits from a bit of a CU let-down after the win last week in Autzen, but the Buffs simply have too much offense.

John Newby: Colorado 31 -  Oregon State 24

Traveling to Colorado isn't the easiest way to kick off the PAC-12 schedule, but the Beavs should be better prepared than they were against Boise State. The rising defense will create opportunities for the struggling offense, and the onus will be on benched starter Darell Garretson to put together a complete game. This one should be competitive early on, but Colorado is a superior team and will close out Oregon State. 

Adam Nicholson: Colorado 34 - Oregon State 25

I think the Beavers are more competitive throughout the entirety of this game, however, they just don't have the horses to keep up offensively with the Buffaloes. Beaver fans should feel good about the defensive effort put forth by their team, at times the ineptitude of the Beavers offense will lead to the defense being put in bad spots and points on the board for Colorado. Look for the Beavers special teams to remain special as it is one aspect where the Beavers are excelling.

Brian Rathbone: Oregon State 24 - Colorado 17

Maybe Colorado is legit, maybe they aren't. All I know is that this has a potential to be a big letdown game for the Buffalos following a emotional victory against Oregon. 

Peter Riley Osborne: Colorado 48- Oregon State 24

I think OSU will come out a bit better this week, and I think Colorado will have to learn how to handle a big road win. The problem is that they are such an up tempo team and our rotation has been goofy.  I am not sure we will be able to get any pressure on them and that our defense will play hard but be in some bad positions. I also will have to see our offense succeed against a solid defense before I will be able to predict a ton of points. That being said, I bet we get some special teams points this week because their special teams are not great. 

Raju Woodward: Colorado 38 - Oregon State 24

I think OSU will come out determined for this one, but it won't be enough to knock off the upstart Buffaloes on the road. The key for this game to be close is for the Beavs to get their passing game going.

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