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Andersen non-committal on QB situation moving forward

Entering the game against Colorado, Gary Andersen indicated that starting quarterback Darell Garretson was injury-free. However, after Garretson was ineffective through the first few offensive series, he replaced him with walk-on Conor Blount. Blount didn't fare much better than Garretson during the game, but he did get more playing time. Afterwards, Andersen was non-commital on who would be the starter going forward.

"I felt in this game it was important to continually go with Conor, let him get his feet wet and play and get some reps under him,"  Andersen said following Oregon State's 47-6 loss to Colorado.  

However, it seemed to be more about where the team was scorewise than anything else when Blout was inserted, and as to why he played more than Garretson did.

"What’s this game going to do for Darell, especially in the third and fourth quarter? Not much, but it will (do a lot) for a young quarterback. We’ll go back, we’ll evaluate it and see where we sit."

Andersen, though, didn't lay all the blame on the arms of his quarterbacks.   He attempted to deflect at least some of their struggles elsewhere and even some to himself.

"I thought we had some opportunities but our quarterbacks were running for their lives, and that’s very difficult," lamented Andersen.  "When you’re back there running for your life, you’re not going to be comfortable. Put all the blame on me. That’s what I told the kids, I have think skin, I’m a grown man, I can deal with it."

He also had high praise for the Colorado defense, especially their cornerbacks.

"In my opinion, these are the best corners we’ve played by far," Andersen said. "I said that during the week. They have three corners that are special young men, and they may go even deeper than that after I sit back and watch the film. We got disrupted, they played a lot of man coverage, we had a hard time getting off those man routes, they made some bold plays down the field, and I think they gained confidence as the game went on. 

But as the general of the offense, the quarterback position is critical to its success.  You cannot win in the Pac-12 without solid quarterback play.  And it's not unheard of to have a young QB step in and immediately be successful (see Colorado the past two weeks) if they have the pieces in place around them.  Of course, Oregon State is not yet at that point.  

But going forward, who's going to be the starter against Cal next Saturday? 

"We’ll go back, we’ll evaluate it and see where we sit," said Andersen.  "We’ll see (who will start moving forward)."


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