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He Said. She Said. Colorado Conundrum

The Beavers were handed a big blow on Saturday at the hands of Colorado. The He said-She said team weigh in on their thoughts of the action and what went wrong.

She said: Offense

That. Was. Ugly.

Really, I thought the first half of Boise State was bad, but this entire game was really bad, and the sad part is, the Beavers just really are completely overmatched.

Oregon State was able to accumulate 226 yards for the entire game, but only 100 through the air with two different quarterbacks.  Yes, Colorado has a great secondary, but the Beavers let them look like national title contenders.

I actually thought the offensive line looked a little better this week.  However, the QBs were still needing to escape pressure, in part because the wide receivers are struggling to get separation.  When they do, the quarterbacks sent the ball sailing over their heads or out of bounds.

There really is no identity on offense right now--is this a run first or a pass first offense? There is no clear cut quarterback and the receivers have been ineffective.

The bright spot? True freshman Artavis Pierce.  He looks like the best option for an every down back.

She said offensive grade:  F

He said Offense:

Right now, the offense is a disaster.  A much bigger one than the defense in my opinion.  

It starts with the QB.  Darell Garretson was the unquestioned starter coming into the year.  Unfortunately, he’s seemed to regress over the first few games.

Is this a result of injury?  Of looking over his shoulder?   Who knows at this point.  

For Andersen to come out last week, say he was the unquestioned starter and was 100% healthy going into this game, and then to bench him midway through the second quarter, likely doesn’t help his confidence.

Nothing against Conor Blount, who definitely has some skill and moxie, but why were the other two scholarship QB’s passed over?

Marcus McMaryion has actual game experience. 

Mason Moran was given a scholarship, which is a typical predictor of ability coming out of high school, especially when comparing to a walk-on.

I know there is the preserving the redshirt argument, but in this day and age, there are very few reasons to “save” a year anymore.   Injuries, leaving for the NFL, transferring...there is no guarantee that any player will be here for four full playing years.  

It’s one thing to get bigger and more experienced over that redshirt year, but in our case we are comparing a walk-on who got here over the summer to a scholarshiped quarterback who was here for spring practice.  And we go with the walk-on?

Unfortunately, there is now a QB controversy, but I don’t think it was the one coaches were hoping for.  

He said offensive grade:  F

She said Defense:

As ineffective as the offense was, the defense gave up way too many big plays and didn’t force any big plays themselves.  They were completely overmatched by Colorado’s passing attack.

Yes, you can point to youth and injuries, but senior’s weren’t immune and gave up a big play or two also .

It is tough to watch this team take their lumps week in and week out, but they are in desperate need of a pass rush that can get pressure on the quarterback. It starts in the trenches and the Beavers are losing the battle on both sides of the ball.

Defensive Grade She said: F

He said Defense:

This defense should be better.  

Second straight week that they looked flat out unprepared to play a game in the first half.  

People keep screaming that this team is young.  Seven out of the eleven starters on defense are  Juniors or Seniors.   How young is that?

I will concede that the depth behind the starters is young and that injuries took a toll during the game.  

But are they playing up to their potential?  If not, why not?

He said Defense Grade:  F

She Said: Coaching Overall:

The coaches are in an unenviable position.  They are completely rebuilding a team and they need a completely different type of athlete than the previous staff recruited. So they are forced to play young players, who will make mistakes, and players who weren’t recruited for Andersen’s style of offense and defense.

That coupled with the fact that these players have had three different offensive and defensive coordinators in three years, and it is really no wonder why this team seems to have no identity.  

Right now the Beavers who were already lacking depth, have injuries mounting (Lauina, Savea, and Irvine did not look good) and and indecision at quarterback, where both have struggled.

It is going to be a long year Beaver Nation.

She said grade:  D

He said: Coaching/Overall:

Coaches in an unenviable position?  I don’t see it that way.  That’s why they are paid the big bucks.  To avoid or dig out of such situations they currently find themselves in.   Seems like there’s been more digging of this hole by the current staff then digging out of.

We can talk recruiting rankings until we are blue in the face.  And it’s always easiest to throw the last staff under the bus.   But we are nearly two years down the road from Riley and Co’s fingerprints on this program.  

This is Andersen’s team now and we need to start seeing the fruits of his coaching acumen.

Yes, coming into the season Colorado was the most experienced team in the league, at least according to Phil Steele’s ranking.  

But guess who was middle of the Pac-12 in team experience?  Oregon State, checking in at #7.   Interestingly, #12 and #11 in the league (Arizona State and Stanford) both suffered similar blowouts this weekend.   

Young teams get exposed at times.  Oregon State isn’t statistically that young.

This team is reeling, injuries are mounting, and there’s a quarterback controversy...or quarterback conundrum...brewing.   Two out of these three issues are highly influenced by the coaching staff.

It’s time to see what they are really made of.  The Pac-12 is full of great coaches.  Can this staff be great?  

He said grade:  F

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