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Staff Predictions: Cal

Time for the BeaverBlitz staff to weigh in with our picks and score predictions for tomorrow's game against Cal.

Angie Machado:  Cal 48 - Oregon State 14

The Beavers have yet to show that they can put up points and they will need to do that against Cal. Can the secondary defend the pass? Will the Beavers run game be successful? Can the Beavers generate any sort of pass rush to slow Cal's passing attack? Major questions remain and while I still think Cal is beatable, I'm not sure the Beavs are quite ready.

Eric Machado: Cal 42 - Oregon State 28

Cal's offense looks impressive.  Cal's defense is their weak link, but they had a strong showing last week.   While they haven't been a good road team, the Beaver's haven't been good home or away.  Until we see more consistency from Oregon State, I can't pick them to win, or even cover.  

Jeff Perry:  Cal 48 - Oregon State 24

Cal's D is not very good, so we've got that going for us.  Unfortunately, saying that offensively we are bringing a knife to a gunfight might be grossly over-stating our offensive firepower at this point.  

John Newby: Cal 35 -  Oregon State 31

Cal is ranked 112th in the nation in total defense and 118th in rushing defense. This should be the week that Nall and Pierce run wild. Sure, stopping the nation's leading passer will be difficult, but the Oregon State secondary should make enough plays. Expect a big interception from Decoud. 

Adam Nicholson: Cal 37 - Oregon State 23

Too much Chad Hansen. The Beavers play more inspired ball at home inside Reser, however the Cal passing attack is too much for the home team to overcome. The Beavs get better QB play this weekend from Darrel Garretson, however it's not enough to overcome an improved Cal team. I think Ryan Nall has his 1st 100-yard rushing game of the season, but the Beavs end up settling for too many field goals when they need touchdowns. 

Brian Rathbone: Cal 52 - Oregon State 28

I learned my lesson last week. I'm taking Cal 52-28. Last week Utah held the ball for 42 minutes last week against  Cal, keeping the potent "Bear Raid" offense on the sideline. And yet that still wasn't enough for the Utes to get a win in Berkeley. Until the Beavers can prove they can either 1) keep pace with a high-octane offense, or 2) stop a high-octane offense, it will be tough sledding the rest of the way. 

Peter Riley Osborne: Cal 38- Oregon State 34

I don't know why, but I feel like the line will play better and that we will commit to the run. I think Pierce and Nall will have huge games and while I don't see us getting a huge pass rush, I have noticed that Webb is good for one or two terrible throws a game that I hope we can capitalize on.

I also just wanted to be more positive for a weekend. I may not believe we can win, but with all of recruits we are going to have, I really want to have faith that the team shows up. 

Raju Woodward: Cal 45 - Oregon State 13

Another explosive offense likely means another tough loss for the Beavers. If the defensive line doesn't put pressure on him, Davis Webb will have a field day. The OSU offense must be more productive in order to keep Cal's offense off the field, and support the Beavers defense. However, that said, I don't see the Beavers keeping this one close, much less winning. 

Score Prediction Standings

Angie Machado 3-1
Eric Machado 4-0
Jeff Perry 4-0
John Newby 3-0
Adam Nicholson 2-1
Brian Rathbone 3-1
Peter Riley Osborne 4-0
Raju Woodward 4-0

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