Little things matter in run game

No one expected 474 yards. What have the Beavers been working on? BeaverBlitz talks to coach Telly Lockette and running back Ryan Nall to find out what they've been working on.

After several games of struggles, the Oregon State running game picked up steam in a hurry against Cal on Saturday.  Running back Ryan Nall rushed for 221 yards and three touchdowns in the Beavers 47-44 overtime win against Cal.

"It felt pretty good, we started out at the Minnesota game and the guys kinda did ok and the next couple of games we kinda tapered off a little bit," coach Telly Lockette told BeaverBlitz. "I was pleased to see Coach Woods and Coach McGiven do a great job in getting a plan for the run game this past week."

After totally 474 total yards rushing against Cal, Nall knows the Beavers will need to improve the pass game against the Utes.

"After last week they are going to make sure they stop the run," Nall said of Utah. "We have to be able to adjust so we need to make sure that our passing game is on point and complete those passes and try to make the running as good as possible."

According to Lockette, the Beavers continue to work on the little things to perfect their game.

"We focus a lot on YAC yards (yards after contact), and we did a lot of that last week," Lockette said. "Continuing to move the feet on contact and always trying to improve on the little things so that was something we really worked on this past week."

While Nall has been limited this week as he recouperates from a foot injury sustained against the Bears, the Beavers have several other backs, including Paul Lucas who saw nine carries for 44 yards against Cal.

"Paul Lucas does Paul Lucas things," Nall laughed. "He's a shifty back he's got speed, so when he gets to the outside it is hard to catch him.  That is what we're trying to do with him is get him to the outside to see if he can get that edge and rush up the sideline for a long one."

The Beavers have been using the energy they have since the win on Saturday, but they know it will be tough against the Utes.

"Utah's front seven is good, they are stout up front," Lockette said. "Right now we need to focus on all the little things that we do and hopefully we can get some movement up front and get some runs."

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