Defense ready for Ute ground attack

Defensive coordinator Kevin Clune and defensive end Baker Pritchard spoke to BeaverBlitz about the upcoming game against Utah.

The Beavers will play host to Kyle Whittingham and the Utah Utes on Saturday and the Beavers will be up for the challenge. The Utes are expected to run the ball and Oregon State will look to stop them.

"Utah has always been a good team and they've always had good running backs and quarterbacks," Baker Pritchard said. "From what we know so far, they are basically down to their third string running back so they've had a lot of injuries, but I feel that if we come here and play our game and play how we are supposed to play we can stop the run and do good things."

Last week, the Beavers focused on a pass happy Cal defense and did well in pass protection, but allowed Cal to rack up 317 yards rushing.  Pritchard feels his teammates are up for the new challenge.

"With Cal we came in with the mindset that we are going to stop them from passing the ball, if they run the ball we'll take things from there, but our main objective was to stop Cal from doing what they do best and that's passing the ball," he said. "Utah's offense is more balanced, but they do like to run the ball a lot, so I feel that our game plan this week will be to stop the run and adjust for the pass from there."

Has Pritchard seen an increase in intensity from head coach Gary Andersen since his former team is coming into town?

"The passion to want to beat them is there," he said. "He has all of the respect for Utah and how their program is and Coach Whittingham, but he wants to come out and win."

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