Taylor raves about Oregon State trip

We touched base with Kolby Taylor before he left on his official visit to Oregon State. He has since returned and BeaverBlitz has the latest on how that visit went.

“I had a great time on my visit," Taylor said.  "I got to hang out with the coaches everyday and talk with the different players, catch up with them. Mason (Moran) was my host, and TJ’s host was Paul (Lucas). So we were together a lot of time too, and just got to enjoy some time with those guys.”

Kolby provided a glimpse into what the schedule of a recruit on an official visit looks like.

“They met us up in Portland and we drove back down to the team hotel. We went to dinner at the team’s hotel and then got to sit in on the offensive and special teams meetings as they prepared for the game.” 

He continued to provide a look into the rest of his weekend.

“The game was obviously Saturday, and we got to take a look around campus beforehand, then we met with some academics people. I was able to ensure that I was eligible to enroll come March. With the game so early I got to spend a lot of free time with my host and the coaches. On Sunday, I met with the strength coach, someone from Beyond Football, the team doctor and then finished it off with a  meeting with Coach Andersen and Coach Brennan.” 

While there is some free time, the OSU staff tries to keep a full schedule for each athlete so that they can see all that being a Beaver and a student athlete at Oregon State has to offer.

Despite what some pundits were calling the possible storm of the century, it didn’t deter Taylor from having a good time. 

“I did get to enjoy the game. I know that some people were saying that it was going to be really bad, it actually wasn’t too bad. There were a couple times where it got really windy and rainy, but it was pretty light for the most part. I didn’t mind it at all and I know the people around us were saying it was kind of extreme weather for around there.” 

As Kolby’s official visit wrapped up left, there’s a possibility he might be back sooner than expected. 

“I’m thinking about possibly coming back up for Civil War however it really depends on how my team is doing down here. I think the state championship game might be the same day, so if we’re playing in that then I’ll stay down here and go to that. But if we’re out, then there’s a good chance I’ll be back up.”

If he doesn’t make it back up to Corvallis for the rivalry game, Beaver Nation can look forward to seeing Kolby back on campus in March for spring ball and the start of his OSU career.

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