Staff Predictions: Oregon State

The college football season is upon us. Predictions, rankings, and analysis abound in cyberspace, print, and the tips of tongues around the country. The staff at decided to take a shot at prophesying the future of Beaver football this past week. Here are the results:

Oregon State Questions

1. Most improved player:

  • Believer Tim - LB Trent Bray. I've just got a feeling about that guy.
  • Big Daddy Orange - QB Derek Anderson, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope, I hope.
  • Candace Zepp - RB Dwight Wright
  • Dan Norz - Special teams as a unit.
  • Jake Schubert - CB Brandon Browner
  • Orange Attack - WR Kenny Farley
  • Robert Nesta - QB Derek Anderson, He has to be in order for OSU to make any moves to the top this year.
  • Tony Pulicella - WR Kenny Farley

Summary: A slew of players that any Beaver fan would love to have a big season.

CB Brandon Browner will be forced into the spotlight come Thursday.

2. Freshman or transfer of the year:

  • Believer Tim - Judging from the spring game, I'd go with FS Sabby Piscitelli.
  • Big Daddy Orange - CB Brandon Browner, or else. I also like Brandon Lockheart.
  • Candace Zepp - CB Brandon Browner
  • Dan Norz - CB Brandon Browner
  • Jake Schubert - CB Brandon Browner
  • Orange Attack - CB Brandon Browner
  • Robert Nesta - CB Brandon Browner
  • Tony Pulicella - FS Sabby Piscitelli

Summary: Cornerback Brandon Browner grabbed the majority of votes. Browner better have a decent year or the Beavers are in trouble.


3. Toughest Game:

  • Believer Tim - USC in the Coliseum. Isn't it always?
  • Big Daddy Orange - at USC. This is the Beavers' last chance at a win in Los Angeles for quite a while.
  • Candace Zepp - at USC
  • Dan Norz - at USC and at Fresno State
  • Jake Schubert - Without a doubt, USC, whoever they plug in at quarterback
    will have his feet under him by that point in the season and OSU hasn't won in
    the Coliseum well, since the dawn of time.
  • Orange Attack - at USC
  • Robert Nesta - at USC
  • Tony Pulicella - at Fresno State

Summary: At USC is the obvious selection although playing in Bulldog Stadium won't be easy.

RB Steven Jackson needs to stay healthy for the Beavers to be victorious.

4. Needs to stay healthy:

  • Believer Tim - QB Derek Anderson, without a doubt.
  • Big Daddy Orange - WR James Newson. Big Game James means more to the receiver corps than just numbers.
  • Candace Zepp - PK Kirk Ylinemi
  • Dan Norz - QB Derek Anderson, if he goes down the Beavers are in BIG trouble.
  • Jake Schubert - RB Steven Jackson, Offensive Line
  • Orange Attack - RB STEVEN JACKSON
  • Robert Nesta - RB Steven Jackson, LB Richard Seigler, and WR James Newson
  • Tony Pulicella - Everybody, but lose RB Steven Jackson and we're in a world of hurt.

Summary: A variety of selections, all on the offensive side of the ball.


5. Favorite(s):

  • Believer Tim -Steven Jackson, James Newson and I like Mitch Meeuwsen's nose for the football. I see a lot of that in Bray, which is why I think he'll make a splash for the D this year.
  • Big Daddy Orange - Richard Seigler, he can really play, and he has got to be the funniest player in the Pac-10. It's nice to see someone play who looks like they are having fun. Also, I have to put a vote in for David Lose because I like his hair.
  • Candace Zepp - OL Kanan Sanchez, OL David Lose, and QB Adam Rothenfluh
  • Dan Norz - CB Aric Williams and SS Sabby Piscitelli
  • Jake Schubert - Mitch Meeuwsen is #1 and basically the other 3 main safeties, Harvey Whiten, Lawrence Turner and Sabby Piscitelli.
  • Orange Attack - Favorite Starter, offense/defense: James Newson/Richard Siegler
    Non-starter offense/defense: Dan Haines/Harvey Whiten
  • Robert Nesta - RB Steven Jackson, LB Richard Seigler, WR James Newson, and SS Mitch Meeuwsen .
  • Tony Pulicella - The tight end combo of Tim Euhus and Pat Loney.


6. How many games will the Beavers win in 2003?

  • Believer Tim - Hell, let's just go win 'em all.
  • Big Daddy Orange - I have to say undefeated to be consistent with my earlier comment.
  • Candace Zepp - 9
  • Dan Norz - 8
  • Jake Schubert - Counting a bowl game (not sure who we would play but I'm just gonna give OSU a bowl victory) 12-1 the loss to USC.
  • Orange Attack - I'm going with an optimistic 10.
  • Robert Nesta - 11, maybe 12, teams don't run the Pac-10 very often.
  • Tony Pulicella - 10

Summary: Optimistic?


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