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Staff Predictions: Washington

Time for the BeaverBlitz staff to weigh in with our picks and score predictions for tomorrow's game against Washington.

Angie Machado:  Washington 63 - Oregon State 21

Washington has too many weapons on offense and a stout defense that has proven to give even strong teams fits.  I was a believer when I saw the way they handled Stanford.  The Beavers need to make it out of this game as healthy as possible, because while not a cake walk, the rest of the schedule has some games the Beavers could win.  

Eric Machado: Washington 40 - Oregon State 17

37 point underdog??  Ouch!  Not that the Huskies couldn't win by that much, but I just don't see it this week.   Their opponents combined record is 16-24.  Oregon State's opponents combined record so far?  27-12.  With the injury issues that Oregon State is dealing with, I'm not calling for one of the greatest upsets in the history of college football.  However, I think that the Beavers can cover. 

Jeff Perry:  Washington 62 - Oregon State 10

Honestly, part of me wonders if I'm being too optimistic with that prediction.  

John Newby: Washington 45 - Oregon State 21

The Huskies are a ridiculously good team, and Oregon State won't be able to hang past halftime. While I am a firm believer that McMaryion will kickstart the passing offense and keep his offense competitive, I don't see the Beavers overcoming the injuries to key players. 

Adam Nicholson: Washington 54 - Oregon State 24 

I can't help but look up and down the Huskies roster and see players who are contributors for them that were either once committed or strongly linked to the Oregon State program. The fails of the last staff on the recruiting trail has paid huge dividends for the Huskies this season. As they prepare to take the field this weekend, these same players will more than likely be the difference makers in this game. The Beavers offense finds some success early on but the Huskies are too good on both sides of the ball, specifically the most balanced offensive attack in the conference, and will have this game sewn up by halftime. A late score from the Beavs makes the final score a little more bearable. 

Brian Rathbone: Washington 41 - Oregon State 24

I think this game will be closer than most will expect. I don't see the Huskies running up the score like they against Oregon, and I see OSU putting a fight early on. Look for the team to rally behind Marcus McMaryion who will bring a new dimention to the offense with his arm. As cool as it would be, I don't see the upset happening. 

Peter Riley Osborne: Washington 44 - Oregon State 17

UW is pretty dang good. Coming off a bye week, their defensive front will be stout, rested and hungry.  I am not sure we will be able to pass well because they have the athletes to press us and wreak havoc on on our line with their pass rush (24 sacks on the year).  That being said, I think our offense will find a way to move the ball some and unlike the morons in Eugene, we will actually use some clock and keep their possessions down so that we are not giving up 70.  I think we will be tough for UW at first but they are just to talented, too disciplined and too well coached for us to match with yet. 

Raju Woodward: Washington 51 - Oregon State 17 

UW is the cream of the crop when it comes to the conference. While their explosive offense garners most of the attention, the Huskies' defense is scary legit. 

Score Prediction Standings

Angie Machado 3-3
Eric Machado 4-2
Jeff Perry 5-1
John Newby 4-1
Adam Nicholson 2-3
Brian Rathbone 3-3
Peter Riley Osborne 5-1
Raju Woodward 5-1

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