McMaryion readies for start against Cougs

Quarterback Marcus McMaryion is back on the practice field and working to improve before the Beavers host Washington State on Saturday.

The Oregon State quarterback holds himself to a high standard. And when those standards aren’t met, he isn’t afraid to voice them.

To put it lightly, following the team’s 41-17 loss to Washington, quarterback Marcus McMaryion was not pleased with his performance, going 12-for-26 with 148 yards and two picks. Making his first start of the season against the Pac-12’s top team, he shouldered much of the blame for the team’s result.

A couple days later and working in the film room, McMaryion gained a better understanding about his outing in Seattle.

“My performance wasn’t too bad,” McMayion said.  “All of us are competitors around here and I kinda beat myself up a little bit about it. We’re trying to get back to basics and not overthinking.”

When Oregon State faces Washington State this Saturday, it will be the first time that McMaryion will start in consecutive games since his high school days at Dinuba High School. It will also be the first time that he starts at Reser Stadium.

Instead of being thrown into the starting lineup and only getting a week to work with the first unit, he will be able to continue to help develop chemistry with his receivers to hopefully improve a passing game that ranks last in the Pac-12. But more than anything, it puts him at ease knowing his role with the offense.

“It’s more of a confidence booster than anything knowing that the position is mine to lose,” McMaryion said. “I can go out there and just just play to my best performance and just have confidence  in myself and in the guys around me.”

In the first quarter against Washington, the Beavers had to burn all three of their timeouts. Being able to have another week to prepare for a game could yield positive results in making the offense flow.

“I think it’s important because then he builds confidence,” said wide receiver Jordan Villamin. “The more confidence he has since he’s been in a big time game against a No. 5 team he can come in against Washington State and be more secure with us since he’s played with us in a game and come out there and start firing.”

McMaryion has been in the program for three years now, he has built a nice rapport with his teammates which has helped ease the transition

“He’s got great demeanor, I know the team likes him a lot,” said offensive coordinator Kevin McGiven.  “He get’s thrown into that role and I don’t think anyone on the team or on the offense bats an eye. They know what he represents on the field and off.

“He doesn’t have to go out there and produce to win guys over, guys are going to rally around him,” McGiven added. “They know he’s going to give them everything he’s got in his preparation and everything he’s got on game day.”

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