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Staff Predictions: Washington State

Time for the BeaverBlitz staff to weigh in with our picks and score predictions for tomorrow's game against Washington State.

Angie Machado:  Washington State 31 - Oregon State 28

The Beavers have been improving, but have been so inconsistent it makes predictions tough.  I want to pick them to win and really think they can, but my head still tells me that the Cougs are further ahead than the Beavers are right now and that depth helps them. A rowdy student section keeps the Beavers fired up and they keep it close.

Eric Machado: Washington State 30 - Oregon State 27

Tough call here.  I called a preseason loss in this game and I'm going to stick with it.  While I definitely can see a Beaver victory, I think the Cougs will have just a little too much offensive firepower for the Men of Iron to overcome this weekend.  Regardless, it should be a tight game, much closer than the two touchdown spread that Vegas has.  

Jeff Perry:  Washington State 38 - Oregon State 24

I believe the Beavers will find a decent amount of offensive success, but not enough to keep up with the Wazzu offense.

John Newby: Washington State 30 - Oregon State 24

Marcus McMaryion didn't quite have the expected big game against a stout Washington defense, but he should bounce back against WSU. Unfortunately, the Cougars have a very good offense that will cause issues for the Beavers. 

Adam Nicholson: Oregon State 32 - Washington State 30

The Cougars have really struggled to run the ball outside of Martin Stadium this season. They have only broken 100 yards on the ground in one road game, at the Farm, and only just barely. The Beavers defense should approach this game in similar fashion to how they played Cal. Take away the passing game and force WSU to run the ball. Offensively, the buck starts and stops with Marcus McMaryion. If he can provide some balance to the offense with just enough of a passing game to keep Wazzu's defense honest, Ryan Nall and company should find room running the ball. Game will come down to the wire I think, as things are always a little crazy in the Pac-12 After Dark.

Brian Rathbone: Washington State 48 - Oregon State 24

The only way Oregon State can win is if they come out fast on offense. With the state of OSU's passing game, they can't afford to fall behind and expect to throw the ball to get back into it. I don't think the OSU defense can provide enough pressure to disrupt Luke Falk and the Cougars potent passing game.

Peter Riley Osborne: Washington State 35 - Oregon State 21

I think we hold them to under their normal yards and points, but I think they ride a big first half and hold on for a win.  I am not certain our defense will be able to handle their running game and that will free them up too much. But I think it is a good game and maybe it is 28 - 21 going late in the game. 

Raju Woodward: Washington State 31 - Oregon State 21

This one could be a close one, but in the end I think Washington State will be just a little too much for the Beavers. Now, that the Cougs have a running game, it's a pick your poison scenario when trying to stop them. But I do think Marcus McMaryion will turn in a solid performance that will help the Beavs continue to improve.

Score Prediction Standings

Angie Machado 4-3
Eric Machado 5-2
Jeff Perry 6-1
John Newby 5-1
Adam Nicholson 3-3
Brian Rathbone 4-3
Peter Riley Osborne 6-1
Raju Woodward 6-1

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