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Staff Predictions: Stanford

Time for the BeaverBlitz staff to weigh in with our picks and score predictions for tomorrow's game against Stanford.

Angie Machado:  Stanford 31 - Oregon State 21

Stanford is good, but they aren't the Stanford that we've come to expect over the past several seasons.  That being said, they are healthy, well-coached and talent rich. This one is closer than the current 17 points that Stanford is favored by in Vegas, but I still think the Beavs are a year away.

Eric Machado: Stanford 27 - Oregon State 20

Another game that should be much closer than Vegas predicts.  I'd call for a victory here if this was a home game in the friendly confines of Reser. Stanford is clearly not the same team they've been over the past few years.  Losing a multi-year starting QB can do that to a team.  Unfortunately, the road has been unkind in the Gary Andersen era as far as competitiveness goes.  Until I see that change, I'm picking the home team.   

Jeff Perry:  Stanford 21 - Oregon State 10

Stanford certainly won't offer the offensive firepower that the likes of WSU, UW, Cal, and Colorado forced the Beavers to contend with, but their physicality is going to present an issue for a Beaver defense that is sorely lacking depth. This feels like another week where we see progress from OSU, but not enough to get a win in the books.

John Newby: Oregon State 27 - Stanford 20

I haven't picked the Beavers often this year, but this match-up against Stanford is the quintessential "backed in a corner" game. The entire team is still talking about bowl game hopes, making this is a must-win game. FYI, Brian Regan has a great bit about that stupid phrase

The offense is looking much better as the season progresses and Marcus McMaryion gets more comfortable. Ryan Nall should go off once again. The match-up against Stanford's rushing attack is tough, but Oregon State should do just enough to take the victory. 

Adam Nicholson: Oregon State 23 - Stanford 13

The Beavs are due to close out one of these close games, and even more a road victory. Stanford has been abysmal without Christian McCaffery and only alright with him playing. If the Beavers can contain him and not allow him to gain big chunks of yards, forcing the Cardinal's quarterback to beat them, then I like their chances of a victory on the Farm.

Defensively, Stanford is good but this is not your typical Stanford defense either. Last week, Marcus McMaryion was not a threat to run the ball off the read option, I think that changes this week. With that new wrinkle it will open up more options in the run/throw game as it forces another defensive player into the box.

Peter Riley Osborne: Stanford 28 - Oregon State 24

Man, I am worried about Stanford. They are finally healthy and this is a road game. I also think that the team will face probably the second most physical team they will play all year. I really want to pick a Beaver win, but this will be the last time I pick against the Beavs all year barring huge injuries.  I think they will beat the spread, but watching the WSU game, I cannot see them getting the same offensive production.  I will gladly be wrong though. My gut tells me I am making a mistake with this pick!

Raju Woodward: Stanford 27 - Oregon State 16

This one could be close early on, as neither team has a dynamic passing attack. The difference will be that Stanford's defense will be too tough for Oregon State to overcome, now that it has key players healthier.

Score Prediction Standings

Angie Machado 5-3
Eric Machado 6-2
Jeff Perry 7-1
John Newby 6-1
Adam Nicholson 3-4
Brian Rathbone 5-3
Peter Riley Osborne 7-1
Raju Woodward 7-1

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