Pre-visit: Florida OT ready to see OSU

Another official visitor ready to make the trip to Corvallis this weekend is South Broward, Florida offensive tackle Jordon Carty. BeaverBlitz gets the latest on his recruitment.

Jordon Carty spent this past year blowing up opposing defensive players as part of leading a tremendous turnaround at South Broward High in Florida. He also spent the later part of this year blowing up on the recruiting trail.

Since June, he has earned offers from the likes of Alabama, Oregon State, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Carolina State, Kentucky and Mississippi State. With more programs taking notice by the day, Carty has been labeled as one of the hottest prospects in the state of Florida.

BeaverBlitz recently caught up with Carty’s uncle, and defensive coordinator at South Broward, Junior Rosegreen, to get his thoughts on what led to Jordon’s recruitment taking off, his upcoming visit to Oregon State and how the program fits into Carty’s recruitment.

“The thing that has really helped Jordon this fall can be linked to two different aspects. First, he was a key piece in turning around a team that was 1-9 last year to 7-2. With wins comes recognition,” Rosegreen told BeaverBlitz. 

“Secondly, he’s just a hard working, self made kid. He’s unbreakable, always the first one there and the last to leave. Whatever he sets his mind to, he will go and get it. He is one of the hardest working young men I’ve ever been around. I mean he will go out after practice, by himself and work on the little stuff, on air. When you see an offensive linemen like that, that’s someone special and it’s no wonder why coaches from across the country are after him.”

It should come as no surprise that Miami coaching legend, and current Oregon State running backs coach, Telly Lockette is heading Carty’s recruitment.  This weekend will be Lockette’s opportunity to show Carty and his family everything Oregon State has to offer.

One thing vital to Carty’s recruitment is how well he will fit into the program that he eventually choses, from a football system standpoint, as well as in the locker room and community. Coach Lockette has done a good job of connecting with Jordon’s family and describing what Coach Andersen and the OSU program is like.

“Oregon State will be his first visit, I know he’s excited about it, but he’ll be trying to see what the atmosphere is like around the program, what the city is like up there, the morale of the team and coaching staff; so that he can get a better grasp on what is going on out there.”

Beyond this weekend though, nothing has been set in stone for Jordon but it seems that his inner circle knows what they want for the young athlete and have developed a plan to see a number of different universities soon.

“A lot of different programs have gotten his attention. After his visit to Oregon State, we’re looking to go to some SEC schools like Georgia, Florida, most likely Auburn.” Carty’s uncle continued with what he feels is the ideal situation for Jordon, “I grew up around here and went on to play at Auburn, so I think it’s important for Jordon to get out and experience new things but at the same time make sure that wherever he goes, it’s a good fit for him. At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable being away from home. It needs to be a place where when you start to get homesick, you know you can lean on your boys to help you out. That’s how it was for me at Auburn and I hope Jordon can find a place that fits that for him as well.”

BeaverBlitz will be in touch again after Jordon’s visit concludes.

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