Civil War Memories: Grounded Celebration

BeaverBlitz's Civil War Memories continue with a look back from Aaron Walker, who after being grounded, missed the 1998 Civil War.

Story by Aaron Walker:

This may not be my favorite Civil War memory but its certainly a very good one as well as a unique one seeing that I was neither at the game nor watching the game on TV.

Rewind to the 1998 double overtime Civil War game, which is probably the only home Civil War game I have missed in my 28 years of living. I was nine years old and earlier in the week I had got in trouble at school and was grounded (sneaking and playing with a yo-yo on the school bus was a major offense in '98)  and part of the punishment was not being allowed to go to the game or even watch it on TV.

My Dad still lobbied for me to be able to go, but seeing that I lived with my mother and now ex step dad at the time, they laid down the hammer. However my nine year old self had devised a plan, I hid a radio under my bed the night before the game thinking I could find a way to tune into the game throughout the evening to keep track. Well my mom and her husband made sure I was busy doing chores for as long as possible and forced me to stay down stairs until it was time to go to bed.

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I went up to my room and stayed awake until I heard them go to bed and then very quietly turned on my radio. As I was tuning it in I remember thinking to myself "maybe there is an outside chance I will be able to just hear it mentioned in the news".

It apparently was my lucky night as the second I got it tuned into the correct station I literally caught the very last words of the post game show from a familiar voice, the great Darrell Aune "and in a wild one the Beavers win in two overtimes 44-41!".

What took place next can only be described as the most rowdy silent celebration from a nine year old of all time! From jumping on my bed to running in circles while pumping my fists, all without yelling mind you, while remaining as quiet as a mouse! As stressful as being at that game had to have been for my father and family, the two overtimes allowed me to at least hear the final score!

It still saddens me to this day that I was not there for not only the greatest Civil War game in history but a major turning point in what had been a very long, very tough stretch (from what I've learned in my now non-nine year old days) for Beaver football. There's much of our childhoods we do not remember but this will forever be a very vivid and happy memory for me.

Cheers to more great Civil War memories for all of Beaver Nation and as always GO BEAVS!!

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