Civil War Memories: Might as Well Jump

Our Civil War Memories continue with a story from Dave McLean from the 2006 Civil War.

Story by Dave McLean

2006. Reser Stadium. The last Civil War win at home, and it was our first Civil War game that we have attended in almost 30 years.

After graduating from OSU in 1979, my wife and I lived and worked in Nevada. We returned to Oregon in the fall of 2005, and did not want to miss another Civil War. We had seats in the wing section of Reser, way up high in Section 211. When you stood up it felt like you would fall out of them.

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It was a torrential rain that day, and I remember wringing the water out of my "waterproof" gloves at halftime. It was a very close game, that was won in the last minute.

As the fans poured onto the field, an odd fog developed over them from all of their shouting. I turned to my wife and said "I've got to get down there, before they leave the field".

Ever try getting down from way up high in Reser? It takes time. Too much time.

I made my way down to the bottom of Section 111. By now the team had filed off, and the fans were exiting too. I have two ways to get to the field. Exit normally and go down the ramp at the north end zone, or vault over the wall at the bottom of Section 111.

The ramp choice would waste another 4-5 minutes, and I risk the field being empty.The wall is my only option. Without looking to see how far I might fall, I put a hand on the wall and jump. As I go over I look down and say to myself "$hit,  that's quite a drop from here". Too late.

I land first on one leg, then the other. I collapse in a heap and my hip is killing me. It is still raining. A woman runs over to me, and with a very concerned look on her face asks "Are you alright"? I looked up at her, and thru the pouring rain said the only thing I could think of saying "I meant to do that". She shrugged and walked off. I got to my feet, and thru the pain celebrated with the remaining fans that were still on the field.

Two days later, I am at my doctor's office, getting checked out. "You have bursitis in your hip" he says, resulting from blunt force trauma. My doctor, a Duck, then says, "Damn it Dave, you're 50, not 18. Act your age!". His final words to me were "Was it worth it?", to which I answered "Totally".

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