Civil War Memories: I See Orange People

Our Civil War Memories contest continues at BeaverBlitz with a fun story from Bill Scholten from the 2002 Civil War.

Story by Bill Scholten:

In the fall of 2002 my best friend Adam Nicholson (yes that Adam) and I were milling around our basement apartment behind the Delta Delta Delta sorority house talking about plans for the week. We were in our sophomore year at Oregon State and it was getting towards the end of fall term.

After loosing a close one to the Ducks in the 2001 Civil War, we were both eager to go to the first home Civil War of our collegiate career and support our high school compadre Derek Anderson (who once dunked on Adam in a middle school basketball game) who was the starter for the Beavers that year.  Back then you had to collect ticket stubs to all the home games to even be in the running for Civil War tickets and then go stand in line, sometimes for days in front of Gill Coliseum.

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A friend stopped by the house and reported that the line had already started forming in front of the ticket office. I think it was a Monday afternoon, and tickets would be issued Wednesday morning when the ticket office opened. So we packed up everything we had, which was not much, just a few snacks, a few beers and some lawn chairs and headed over the hill. We were # 34 and #35 in line when we started. And there we sat for two days and two nights, in lawn chairs in front of Gill waiting.

It started freezing rain on night two of the wait and people started dropping like flies, but Adam and I would not be detoured. We took turns walking to Circle K to get coffee and hot chocolate for one another and to keep from freezing. But after two days in the weather, skipping classes and barely eating, the ticket window opened and we were among the first 10 students still in line and were issued row 1 tickets for the student section.

On that Saturday in Corvallis, Anderson was nothing short of spectacular. 370 yards in the air and four touchdown passes. It was one of the most impressive college football performances I had ever seen.

We beat the Ducks 45-24 that day, and my best friend and I were painted head to toe in orange, in the first row of the student section. We jumped the wall when the clock ran out and celebrated on the field with the team, our friends and the rest of Beaver Nation.

Adam and I stayed on that field until they made us leave, it was two kids from a small town that were finally part of something bigger than we could ever fathom. Adam transferred to Sacramento State later that year and I ended up staying and graduating in the spring of 2007. It was the only Civil War game that Adam and I ever got to go to together, but it was the best one, and a memory I will never forget.

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