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Staff Predictions: Civil War

Time for the BeaverBlitz staff to weigh in with our picks and score predictions for Saturday's Civil War game against Oregon.

Angie Machado:  Oregon State 42 - Oregon 24

Hope always springs eternal at Civil War and this year the teams are more evenly matched then they have been in years.  Home crowd. Senior Day. Andersen will have his guys fired up and they come out with fists swinging. Beavs win big.

Eric Machado: Oregon State 41  - Oregon 38

This Beaver team is building and has played well all year at home.  I see no reason why they don't continue, especially given the stakes.  Ryan Nall rumbles for at least a 150 yards and the Beaver D gets a critical stop in the 4th quarter to end the Oregon Civil War win streak. 

Jeff Perry:  Oregon State 38 - Oregon 34

Why? Because I said so.

Brian Rathbone: Oregon State 37 - Oregon 31

Both teams are coming off of satisfying wins last weekend with Oregon upsetting Utah in Salt Lake City, and Marcus McMaryion carving up the Wildcats like a Thanksgiving turkey. Even though it's a rivalry game, I see both of these teams coming out with a little extra juice. If Oregon State can contain the Oregon rushing attack, I like their chances. The 8-year Civil War drought ends on Saturday. 

John Newby: Oregon State 54 - Oregon 38

After eight straight years of Civil War losses, the Beavs are coming back with a fury. Wrecking Nall, Victor Bolden, and a resurgent Jordan Villamin will get the scoring started early en route to over 500 yards of total offense. Sure, McMaryion isn't going to have the perfect statistical game of last week, but he will ball out against a bad Ducks team. This will be the best offensive output since the 45-7 beatdown of Hawaii. 

Obviously, Royce Freeman is super talented and will get two touchdowns, but the Beavers defense will ultimately have the last laugh as it notches five sacks and forces three turnovers. 

As a bonus prediction, Donald--or whatever he goes by now--will try to start a fight with Benny, but it won't go his way. Basically, picture Benny as the Incredible Hulk and the Duck as Loki in the Avengers. Utter beatdown. 

Peter Riley Osborne: Oregon State 73 - Oregon 2

In an epic smack down, the Beavers drive the score up with just 50 available players to a monstrous 70 - 0 lead.  Behind 400 yards rushing from Ryan Nall and 400 total yards from senior Victor Bolden Jr, the Beavers set a record for most points in a half with 70.  While Coach Andersen wanted to call off the horses at half time, by putting in all freshmen and two equipment managers, the Beavers are still able to get into field goal range due to a 74 yard return by Defensive Tackle Phillip Napoleon.  The miraculously fleet footed 284 pound defensive player breaks 14 tackles (3 alone by the kicker) on his way to the 3 yard line before an untied shoelace brings the big fella down.

At this point, Andersen decides to go for a field goal on first down using Victor Bolden as a kicker to give him the single season scoring record following his miraculous 8  TD performance.  Nailing the kick gave OSU the most points scored on the ducks in history.

As a side note, the final two points were scored when wildcat QB/OT Trent Moore runs backwards to give the ducks a safety on the last play of the game, proving that the ducks needed the Beavers' help to score any points at all.

OSU finishes the afternoon by flipping Deommodore Lenoir and Alex Forsythe from the ducks, as well as gaining commitments from Foster Sarell and Jamire Calvin.  Meanwhile, in Eugene, the ducks shut down their program after enraged uber booster Phil Knight decides that he wants to win a Championship in his lifetime, and feels OSU is the only way, so he donates $400 million to build the new west side, with $200 million of that going to just cleansing his soul from his past association with the ducks. 

Gill also gets a new scoreboard. 

Raju Woodward: Oregon 38 - Oregon State 34

Honestly, this game could go either way. Both teams will have trouble stopping each other on offense, but I think the Ducks have a slight edge offensively. The key for the Beavers will be to get pressure on Justin Herbert and force a turnover or two. Offensively, they must stick with what works, so if Ryan Nall and Co. turn the UO defense into Swiss cheese, the Beavers need to run it 35+ times. Ultimately, this could be a shootout and may come down to whichever team strikes last. That said, I think OSU is primed to break the streak and I pray I am wrong with this pick.

Score Prediction Standings

Angie Machado 7-4
Eric Machado 9-2
Jeff Perry 10-1
John Newby 7-3
Adam Nicholson 4-5
Brian Rathbone 6-4
Peter Riley Osborne 10-1
Raju Woodward 10-1

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