Sykes solid with Oregon State

Official visitors are making their way home after a weekend in Corvallis. BeaverBlitz brings you the latest from their trips.

Mesa Community College wide receiver Dionte Sykes is no stranger to the Civil War. Both parents attended Oregon State and his father Kelron played football for the Beavers. This year however, Sykes made the trip as an official visitor and committed athlete for the Beavers.

"It was great, I had a great time," Sykes told BeaverBlitz. "I kind of had a feeling they were going to win after talking to Coach A before the game."

With so much to celebrate after a big Civil War win, what stood out to Sykes?

"The coaching staff stood out," he said. "You can tell they are straight up with you and they aren’t trying to play you. I became a lot closer with Coach A as I got to meet with him a few times and had breakfast with him for a little bit. It was great to see the team come together and beat the Ducks coming off that big win they had at Utah."

Sykes got into town on Friday morning and spent a lot of time with coaches and players. His host was Darell Garretson, one of his best friends from home, but he stressed that a lot of them hung out the entire weekend, including players and visitors alike.

"I spent a lot of time with Jordan (Villamin), he was like a second host and Timmy Hernandez too. I train with him in the off-season," Sykes said. "It made my commitment so much easier since I already know so many people up here."

Sykes not only knows several current players, he grew up friends with visitor Keisean Nixon. And while he would love to play together in college with Nixon, he knows that Nixon needs to make his own decision.

"Keisean and I grew up together since we were babies," he said. "I hadn't seen him since I moved though."

And for a college town, the city of Corvallis impressed Sykes as well.

"The whole city of Corvallis was up until at least 2:30 last night.  I mean the whole city," he laughed. "Corvallis is usually mellow, but last night everyone was up and at ‘em. We definitely saw the college atmosphere."

Sykes will finish up the year at Mesa Community College and return to Corvallis this summer.

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