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He Said. She Said. Civil War Celebration

The He said-She said duo watched the Civil War streak fall from the press box, and then watched again at home (twice). How did they see the game?

She said: Offense

What. A. Game.  

The offensive line once again paved the way for the Beaver win with a masterful game and especially fourth quarter performance.  

Led by seniors Sean Harlow, Gavin Andrews and Dustin Stanton, the line opened up holes for Ryan Nall and Artavis Pierce to run through.  The punishment that Nall and Pierce had already dished out throughout the game also helped as the Duck defense looked wiped out by the end.

That was the most physical I have seen an Oregon State offense in years.  

Marcus McMaryion ran the ball well and it was the first time all year that he seemed to have a good feel for when to pull the ball and run and he picked up some big yards.

She said offensive grade:  A

He said Offense:

Is there anything better that a pounding run game to take the will out of an opponent?

From the point the Beavers went down 24-14, they ran the ball 26 out of 27 plays on their way to three straight touchdowns.

Oregon knew, heck the entire stadium knew, that the Beavers were going to run the ball.

And the Ducks still couldn’t stop it.

It was pure and simple domination at the line of scrimmage and something we haven’t seen from the Beavers in years.

For a group that was much maligned at the beginning of the year, they sure came a long ways to this final game of the season.  

Nall had a performance for the ages.  155 yards and four (4!) touchdowns.  

McMaryion managed the game about as well as a QB could.  And not to be overlooked, he was the second leading rusher for the Beavers!  I fully expect him to be the #1 QB going into spring practice.

He said offensive grade:  A

She said Defense:

The Beaver defense came ready to play, holding the Duck offense to well under their season average and making big stops when it counted.

Devin Chappell and Treston Decoud nearly had interceptions on the day too. Can you imagine how Reser would have erupted if either had caught the ball?

Elu Aydon had an impressive sack of Justin Herbert late in the game and the secondary was active all day, leading the team in tackles as a unit.

Such a big way to end the season and create momentum heading into the winter.

Defensive Grade She said: A

He said Defense:

It was looking a little concerning midway through the third quarter, after the Ducks had two solid drives, resulting in a touchdown and a field goal, to open the second half.

But the defense stepped up.  

As the offense started their ground and pound campaign, the defense responded in kind.  Between the three second half Beaver scoring drives, the Ducks offense was held to only 8 plays for 10 total yards.

That’s the flip side of how a 10 point deficit becomes a 10 point lead.

It’s a team game.  

The offense did their part and the defense responded accordingly.

He said Defense Grade:  A

She Said: Coaching Overall:

So much has been accomplished since Gary Andersen and his staff took over the program.

We’ve seen the culture change right before our eyes this season.  And through all of the adversity that the team has faced, they’ve continue to fight.

They’ve improved too, over the course of the year.  We see a team that is putting together four quarters of football.  Mistakes are still there, but they’re getting better and the experience the young players have received will be invaluable in the seasons ahead.

Recruiting is the lifeblood of the program and Andersen places recruiting as a top priority with his entire staff. He knows what pieces he needs to continue to take the steps forward and I believe we see some big steps in 2017.

He loves his players and his players love him.  

Beaver Nation also seems pretty happy with the results and where the future of Oregon State football is heading.  

A Civil War victory seems a fitting springboard to build off of.

She said grade: A

He said: Coaching/Overall:

There is no longer any question that Gary Andersen and the coaches have the team's buy-in.

The second half of the game, with the domination on both sides of the ball, showed me all I needed to see.

The foundation has been laid.  This team is competitive.  Recruiting is on the upswing.  

This will be one of the most anticipated offseasons in recent memory.

The Civil War had been a one-sided affair for far too many years.  It only took two years at the helm for Gary Andersen to change that.

The future is bright, Beaver Nation.

He Said grade:  A

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