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Commits react to monumental Civil War win

BeaverBlitz checked in with the athletes currently committed to Oregon State to get their thoughts on the win over Oregon.

Aidan Willard: “It was super exciting and fun to watch. I think it provides huge momentum for the program going into the offseason and carrying over into next year.”

David Morris: “I thought the game was insane, Corvallis was more hyped than I’ve ever seen it before. Makes me even more excited to get down there. Shows me the progress we’re making and I’m proud to soon be a part of it.”

TJ Green:  “It was great to see the Beavs win this week. Along with my team winning state, it was a great weekend.”

Arex Flemings: “I enjoyed the win and it was a big stepping stone for the team. It’s great to build confidence off of going forward and it helps us as a recruiting class going in and for other recruits watching, it helped give a last impressive push in their individual processes.”

Kolby Taylor:  “Big win for the Beavers, to be able to end the season on a high note. It’s going to help recruiting tremendously being able to say we beat Oregon.”

Dionte Sykes: “It was great to see everyone come together under Coach A to go out with a win for the seniors. It means a lot for us recruits because we know big things are coming!”

Travis Mackay: “The Beavers victory was awesome, I loved it and can’t wait to be there!”

Justin Sattelmaier: “I think it was a huge win that gave confidence to the team and showed what they were capable of. It will help them get big recruits for the future.”

Brock Wellsfry: “It was so awesome to be down there and take it all in. Such an intense game!”

Jaylon Lane:  “It was a great way to end the season. I feel like we will be in a bowl game next year for sure.”

Isaiah Hodgins: “The Civil War was fun to watch and a great game all together. It was a huge win for the Beavs going into next year.”

Jeffrey Manning: “It was a good win the other night and has the program moving in the right direction.”

Tyler Asemota:  “It was a huge win and is definitely something I’ll be bragging about at school. I can’t wait to be a part of moments like that. It’s huge for the program and it just shows what we’re all about and what our goal is.”

Jake Luton:  “It was a huge win and a lot of fun to be out there seeing it in person. When the rain started coming down there in the 2nd half, the fans stuck with it and the atmosphere was just electric. It was a lot of fun. With recruiting, it definitely helps with the guys that are kind of on the fence one way or another, it’s a big win that could help them in their decision. For us guys that are committed, it’s huge too. To get a win over Oregon for the program itself, it’s the kind of win that people can look back on and say that is when they turned this thing around and definitely gives us something to build upon come next year.”

Lorenzo Fauatea:   “The Civil War game was the craziest game I have ever been to. It’s just the beginning too with that win. It’s something that they’ll build off of and they’re going to be coming up here real quick.”

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