Pre-visit: Wellsfry Ready For Official

Coaches are gearing up for another week of official visitors to the Oregon State campus, including offensive line commit Brock Wellsfry. BeaverBlitz checks in to see what he's looking forward to seeing.

The Oregon State coaches saw something in Brock Wellsfry before a lot of others did. The 6-foot-6-inch offensive linemen entered this past summer without too much recruiting momentum but after strong appearances along the camp circuit, offers started to come in from the likes of Wyoming, Nevada, Eastern Washington, and Idaho. 

It was the Beavers’ offer that wowed Wellsfry and the Richland, Washington native was quick to jump on it. Since committing back in June, Wellsfry put together a strong senior campaign in which a number of programs including Boise State, Colorado, Arizona, Texas Tech and both Washington schools, checked in with him to gauge his interest but Brock has stood steadfast in his commitment.

This upcoming weekend, Brock will be able to take his official visit to Corvallis, but it’s not the first time he’s been on campus. In fact, he made it to a couple different Beavers games this past fall including last weekend’s wild Civil War victory over rival Oregon.

“Civil War was just so awesome to be down there," Wellsfry said. "It was like the perfect game to be able to go see, it was intense, back and forth. Definitely the type of game you want in a rivalry game. To look up and see Reser just packed and all of the orange and black and white was awesome despite the occasional green and yellow in there, but it's Civil War so what do you expect. It was incredible and I’m very glad I went to get to be able to experience it as a fan before next year as a player.” 

With last weekend being a quick trip, driving down Saturday, staying the night and driving back home Sunday, Brock is anxious to be able to spend some more time in Corvallis this weekend.

“We’re driving down Friday morning and are supposed to be there by like 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I know that a few other northwest commits will be on campus too, so meeting them and spending some time with my future teammates, both players already on the team and my fellow commits, are things I’m really looking forward to.”

In talking with offensive line coach TJ Woods, it sounds like the Beavers haven’t really settled upon which position along the offensive line they project Wellsfry at but he’s ok with that as he’s not really expecting to see the field immediately next year.

“You know I asked Coach Woods a long time ago what they foresaw me playing at and it sounded like they wanted me to learn everything along the line which I’m ok with," he said. "I’m not necessarily expecting to redshirt next year, but I understand it’s definitely the normal thing to do usually with college players, especially offensive linemen. I understand that it’s an opportunity for us to come in get bigger and stronger and it allows me to learn the different intricacies along the line, but if they call on my number, I’ll be ready to go.”

Along with Wellsfry, the Beavers’ coaches will be hosting fellow Oregon State commits David Morris and Josh Bowcut, as well as recruit Taniela Pututau on official visits this weekend. We will check in with all of them as their visits come to a close Sunday.

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