If Thursday's Game Was a New Television Season

What can you say about a game like the Sacramento State game? The Beavers more or less did what they were supposed to do. But, it was hard to tell how good individual players are or how good the team is/will be when they are playing against lower division competition. I think that the time has passed for the Beavers to be playing the Sacramento States of the world in the pre-conference part of their schedule.

I think of Thursday’s game like a new television season’s pilot shows. You can tell a little bit of how good the product will be, but you won’t know for sure until you’ve seen it a couple of more times. With that in mind, if Thursday’s game was a new television season, some shows might be…

The Twilight Zone starring a cast of thousands. Was it me, or did the Thursday night opener have a surreal feel? A non-weekend night game is kind of weird anyway, throw in the lower division opponent and the game just didn’t have the feel (i.e. excitement) of the usual Beaver home game.

Punk’d starring Cole Clasen and Chris Meyer (#5 for Sac State). No explanation necessary.

The Three Amigos starring Steven Jackson (great running, great catching passes out of the backfield), Dwight Wright (great running, timely running), and Ryan Cole (great running, really great blocking). I would be surprised to find a team with a better trio of running backs in college football.

The Beaver defense held the Hornets to just 61 yards on the ground.

The Fast and the Furious starring the Beaver defense. Richard Seigler and the linebackers were everywhere, the defensive line jammed the run and harassed the quarterback, and the defensive backfield pretty much shut down the Hornet receivers.

The Hulk starring Kirk Yliniemi. Kirk hit the weights in the off-season and is now a lean mean buffed up Finnish kicking machine.

Jeopardy starring Aric Williams as the Beavers’ punt returner. Aric played an outstanding game on the corner but he is prone to give up the ball on punt returns and doesn’t get much in the way of yardage anyway because of his tendency to dance when he has the ball instead of moving up field. Also, I would hate for him to get hurt, he is much too valuable as a starting corner to get hurt returning kicks.

Home Improvement starring Dan Rothwell. Dan played a great game on the defensive line, but the place-kick snapping could use improvement.

Charmed starring Mike Haas. What a great night for this guy, he must feel charmed. You have to feel great for Mike. I hope he keeps it up. There is no truth that the trophy will be renamed The Haasman.

Ground Hog Day (you know the movie where the same thing keeps happening again and again) starring Kenny Farley and Derek Anderson. You know what I’m talking about. However, I would like to do a little backtracking here. Kenny did make some big plays and some good plays and some heads up plays. Derek, in my opinion, did his best job ever of looking for alternate receivers. He also looked good on his scramble. I think Derek and Kenny are going to have big years and the “Ground Hog Day” drops and misfires are caused a big part by opening-game rust, I hope.

Derek Anderson and Kenny Farley (not shown) had trouble hooking up a few times on Thursday.

Dumb and Dumber starring the officiating crew. Just kidding, just kidding. What in the heck was up with those five-minute conferences after flags were thrown? And some of those calls!?!?!?

Big Brother starring Brandon Lockheart. I just love this guy. I watched him quite a bit and he is looking good. As a matter of fact the entire offensive line played a great game. They didn’t allow a sack, opened plenty of holes and controlled the line of scrimmage the entire game. M. Brock sure looked good pulling out to lead Jackson around the corner on a couple of plays.

The Man Show starring all of the Beaver Tight ends. Wow, the Beavers are stacked at tight end. They did a good job blocking and catching. Don’t even think about telling me there is a team in the nation with a better set of tight ends.

Here’s hoping next week’s game at Fresno will not be a rerun of the 2001 game. It will be the game where we find out what kind of season we are in store for. Go Beavs.

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