Visit Report: Morris talks position move

One of the cornerstones of the 2017 class, David Morris catches Blitz members up on his Oregon State official visit, a position change and what stood out this weekend.

David Morris is a busy guy. We caught up with the Sherwood standout this afternoon following his official visit to his future home, Oregon State University, as he was out doing a little Christmas shopping.

"Man, it's been a long, busy day. We're out Christmas shopping on our way home and it was just hectic. Between everything today was the only day that I could really get out to do it. Where we were, the parking lots were full and huge crowds were in all the stores so everyone else was out shopping too," he told BeaverBlitz.

Between school and the time he's putting in time with a personal trainer in preparation for the next level of football, finding time to do the little things, like Christmas shopping, has been hard to come by. It's another reason why David was pleased to be able to escape his busy schedule to get down to Corvallis again and get a feel for what life will be like next year.

"I got to hang out a lot with my host, Trevon Bradford, and then Shemar (Smith), Jay (Irvine), Artavis (Pierce), and others. Trevon and I had played together on our 7-on-7 team last year. So we got to reconnect and I was able to see how his life is going now because he was in the same spot that I was not too long ago."

Morris continued, "It was really an opportunity to hang out with a lot guys that I had literally just watched play on the TV. I kind of had this moment when I was sitting there where I was like wow, in just a few months, I'm going to be one of these guys sitting here watching game film of us on TV, hosting recruits, complaining about practice. The reality of it all kind of hit me."

Being able to spend time with his future teammates and the reality of where he will be in just a few short months was only part of why he loved his official visit. The best part was the ability to finally share everything that he and his father had seen on their previous visits with his mother.

"I love Corvallis, especially following my official visit; it's where I want to be. It was even better because I really wanted my mom to be able to see Oregon State inside and out, like I have and my Dad has. He's been down with me on the rest of my visits. But my mom was able to get down with us and she loved it, talking with Coach Andersen was the highlight for her. It really made me happy and proud that my parents are supporting the decision that I made and that they are very comfortable in where I'm heading."

Despite this being his mom's first visit, David and his father had been staples at the Beavers' home games this past fall, only missing one game as it was his school's Homecoming night. While down for the Civil War, he received some news that the coaches' original plan for him was being altered slightly, as he would be lining up in a new position next fall. With the new position, that meant a new position coach to acquaint himself with, which he took full advantage of this weekend.

"I was down for Civil War too and that was actually when they informed me that I would be moving to the safety position, or at least that's where I was going to starting out. So, on my visit most of my time was spent with Coach Odum, but also Coach Clune too. Then we spoke with Coach Andersen for like 45 minutes to an hour. My mom had a lot of questions that he answered for us."

Signing Day can't come soon enough for David Morris as he is locked in and ready to officially become a Beaver. We'll continue to check in with the rest of the Beavers' 2017 recruiting class as Signing Day approaches.

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