Jake Luton

One on One: Jake Luton

BeaverBlitz goes One on One with Jake Luton, quarterback from Ventura College who joined the Beaver family.


Who has been recruiting you from OSU: Both Coach Andersen and Coach McGiven have been recruiting me since day one in the process.

Most memorable moment on the football field: I have so many great memories, but I'd have to say my earliest days playing flag football with my cousin have to be up there, I scored a game winning TD in the freezing cold right in front of my family when I was like 7 years old. That memory still sticks with me.

Who is the one person who helped you most in your football career: That's a hard question because so many people have helped me. I could list all kinds of coaches and mentors but without my family I wouldn't be where I'm at today. As a collective group they've helped me achieve everything I've been able to do.

What schools recruited you the hardest, besides Oregon State: I was recruited by Purdue, Wyoming, Boise State, Murray State, Alabama A&M and a handful of other smaller D1A and AA schools.

Why did you choose Oregon State: I chose Oregon State because I bought into what Coach Andersen stands for and the program he has put together at OSU. I also am a born and raised Pacific Northwest boy so being able to come home and be close to family and friends is a huge addition.

Favorite movie: Step Brothers (or anything Will Ferrell) or Interstellar, too hard to choose!

Favorite music artist: Eric Church

Favorite food: Steak

Favorite athlete: Ken Griffey, Jr.

Xbox or Playstation: Playstation

Dog or Cat: Dog, I have crazy Labradoodle who just turned one this month!

Ice cream, cake or pie: Ice cream

Do you Tweet? What is your Twitter name: I stay pretty up to date on twitter! @jakeluton7

What PAC 12 team are you most excited to play: Obviously Oregon, but it will be exciting to play both the Washington schools as well.

If you had a super power it would be: I'd want to be able to teleport anywhere I wanted anytime so I could travel for free.

Do you have a nickname: Most people just use "J-Lute" or "J-Lu" pretty simple

What do you plan to major in at OSU: I plan to major in Sociology.

On a scale of 1-10 (with one being no hate and 10 being total hatred) how much do you hate the Oregon Ducks (the Beavers biggest rival)—this was a fan question: Playing at a school that has such a strong rivalry is huge, getting to be in attendance for this years Civil War gave me a good taste of what it's like. I think it's important and makes the game fun to have such a heated rivalry. With that being said I think it's only right that on a scale of 1-10, it's got to be a 10.

Anything else you’d like the fans to know about you as a player or person: As far as me as a player, something that was instilled in me growing up is that it takes no talent to give it everything you've got, and that's something I take pride in, so no matter what I will always lay everything I have out on the line for my team and the fans. I can't wait to put on that uniform and put on a show for Beaver Nation!

Go Beavs!

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