Film Session: Justin Sattelmaier

Time to break down the newest group of Beavers who will be arriving on campus in January. Offensive line is a big priority for OSU and 6-7, 300 pound lineman Justin Sattelmaier is ready to come in and work hard to make an impact.

On the Hoof: All of 6-foot 7-inches tall, towers over many defenders in his film. Recently claimed to be at 310 pounds. Would like to see him continue to develop strength through the spring/summer.

Evaluation: Has a strong punch. Drives well on run plays. Might have trouble at LT with speed edge rushers. Uses his hands well in keeping pass rushers off of his body. Would like to see him play with a bit more tenacity in finishing off blocks. Recruited to play LT for Beavs but might be better suited for an inside guard position. Might benefit from a RS year to rebuild body and transform to a guard, building strength.

Comparison: Gavin Andrews

Strengths: Prototypical Size, Cerebral, Drive Blocking

Areas to Improve: Athleticism, Lower Body Strength/Explosion, Flexibility

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