Oregon State ushers in Barnes era

Oregon State officially introduced Scott Barnes as the new Director of Athletics on Thursday.

Covallis, Ore -  Oregon State University President Ed Ray officially introduced Scott Barnes on Thursday as the Beavers new Director of Athletics.

According to Ray, the search to replace Todd Stansbury, who spent 15 months on the job, was methodical. The committee reviewed files on nearly 50 candidates before winnowing down the list to a few for formal interviews.

"We interviewed a number of people during off-site 'airport interviews'.  They included men and women and people of color, just an extraordinary group of people," Ray said. "I think it was clear to me as the process moved forward that the person we needed to lead us to where we aspire to go is Scott Barnes."

"I couldn't be happier about the process that we've gone through and the results that we were able to achieve," Ray continued. "Scott has achieved great things, both himself as a student-athlete and everywhere that he has been. He's a proven performer, both in exciting fans and alumni and we need someone to help us move this program to the next level, and I believe that he can do that. I honestly believe the best is yet to come in all areas at Oregon State and athletics."

Barnes comes to Oregon State after a short tenure at Pitt.  

"When you look at the trajectory that President Ray and his team has the University on now, we think about the great coaches that are in place, and we think about a President who understands what a vibrant Power Five athletic department can do to help to advance the mission of the University," Barnes said. "The athletic department itself is on solid footing, some solid coaches and those who came before me, Bob, Todd and others have it in the position it now sits. President Ray has sat at the highest levels of NCAA leadership, he gets it, and I'm excited for that partnership."

"Timing is also an interesting dynamic, for us being back in the Pacific Northwest is an absolute no brainer,"  he continued. "Timing wise both the open window of opportunity and some critical family issues, including some health issues gave us the opportunity to move back now and take care of those things.  We are happy to be home."

He addressed a few priorities going forward including:

  1. Student-athlete experience - including academic success and finding jobs after graduation.
  2. Competition - maintaining and expanding successes on the field.
  3. Development of new resources - creating new revenue streams by growing Beaver Nation (including business enterprises, major gifts and annual giving).  
  4. Uniting the fan base.

Barnes said that he is excited to work in the PAC 12 conference as he sees excitement in turning challenges into opportunities.

He plans to complete a methodical look at the athletics department over his first few months on the job.

"When we think about what that first 100 days even looks like, we will use an assessment instrument (SWOT) to get a lay of the land from coaches, student-athlete leadership, constituents, and donors," Barnes said. "I want to get a pulse of where we are at. So no, we won't make any changes anytime soon. We'll get a lay of the land and understand where people sit and make sure they are on the right seat on the bus and move from there."

Barnes has a strong foundation as a fundraiser and noted that he's been a fundraiser during his entire career.

"We need to be all in, all the time in fundraising," he added. "I've been in athletics administration for 27 years, 17 as an athletic director, but I've been a fundraiser for all 27."

Barnes comes to Oregon State from Pittsburg, where he has served as Director of Athletics since 2015.  Prior to joining Pitt, Barnes spent seven years as athletic director at Utah State. Prior to his tenure at Utah State, Barnes spent nearly three years at UW as senior associate athletic director for advancement. In that capacity, he was responsible for all external operations for the Huskies' athletic department, including fund-raising, ticket sales, multimedia rights, marketing and communications. Barnes served as athletic director at Eastern Washington University from 1999 to 2005.

Barnes was recognized by the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics in 2014 as an NACDA athletic director of the year recipient while at Utah State. At Eastern Washington, he was awarded a regional recognition by NACDA.

"My last day at Pitt will be February 12," Barnes noted. "We've spent very little time at Oregon State, but this next week will be making calls to some key constituents to introduce myself."


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