Spring 17: Day 1 Recap

It may still be the middle of February, but the Oregon State football team is already back on the field for spring football.

Ending the season on a two-game winning streak, including a Civil War victory, head coach Gary Andersen is hoping that momentum will transfer over to spring ball. 

“We should have some good carryover knowledge from last season at this point,” said Andersen who is entering his third spring camp as head coach. “Then they get nine weeks when they get back to jump in the weight room and focus.”

Because the team missed out on a bowl game, Andersen thought that it would be best if team started early, and utilize the spring quarter to hit the weight room and focus on school.

“It is what was best for this team,” Andersen said regarding starting spring camp early.

Nice day from the quarterbacks 

Another year, another intriguing quarterback storyline. First there are two quarterbacks with several career starts in Marcus McMaryion and Darell Garretson. Then there is the new comer Jake Luton who put up big numbers in junior college.

Those three, according to Andersen, will receive a bulk of the reps this spring.

During media availability Luton, Garretson and Mason Moran all got one series of reps, while McMaryion received two. Conor Blount was the only quarterback who didn’t get any reps.

In the first two seasons under Gary Andersen, the OSU passing game has been near the bottom of the Pac-12, finishing 12th in 2015, then rising to 11th in 2016.

Early last season Andersen continuously said that the team needs play catch better.  Today, Andersen thought they did a much better job.

“It was nice to see five guys out there who can walk out there and throw the ball, consistently run a drill and do some good things,” Andersen said.

During media availability, there weren’t many big plays in the passing game. Luton threaded the needle to Xavier Hawkins between two defenders over the middle. On the final drive of practice, McMaryion connected on four consecutive passes, capped off with a 35 yard touchdown to Hawkins. 

Christian Wallace joins the secondary:

The ballyhooed recruit of the 2016 class was finally able to practice on Friday after being ineligible and forced to redshirt a season ago. 

Listed at 6-foot-1, 215 pounds, Wallace's physical attributes already intrigues Andersen. Now it’s all about how he absorbs the schemes and handles it mentally.

“We need him to come in and help us,” Andersen said.

Wallace worked with the second defensive unit during media availability.  He, along with Jay Irvine, could help with solidifying the secondary that lost starters Devin Chappell and Treston Decoud.

With Xavier Crawford, Dwayne Williams and Brandon Arnold who have several starts under their belts, the rest of the secondary is mostly unproven.

“We know what (Williams’) got, we know what ( Crawford’s) got and we know what ( Arnold’s) got done on the back end, but from there, there are some kids who have played a little bit, and some kids who haven’t played at all.” 

Despite the youth and inexperience, Andersen was impressed with how the secondary performed in the first practice.

“Communication back there for day one was much improved which was great to see,” Andersen said. “Those are baby steps, but they are good steps." 

Just head coach Gary Andersen:

Last season Andersen split duties as both the head coach and the defensive line coach. That is no longer the case.

With associate head coach Chad Kauha’aha’a now taking defensive line duties, Andersen is able to focus more on his job: being the head coach. 

“It’s good for me,” Andersen said. “It allows me to be in the offense room a lot more where I like to be right now.”

Andersen now has the freedom to oversee all phases of the game, something he wasn’t able to regularly do last year.  Andersen said that it was important for last year’s team for him to be a position coach on top of his head coaching duties. This year, he said, it’s best for him to focus on head coaching.

“There’s a lot of things that when you’re a (position coach) you can’t see, or you don’t see, or  you’re relying on other people to see those things. I would rather see them myself."

“I’m not a great delegator,” Andersen said with a chuckle.

Even though Andersen is more visible in the offensive meeting rooms, he’s still not the guy to ask question about that side of the ball.

“I have none of the answers on offense,” Andersen said. “I think I can sometimes see and be in that room, I think it’s good for kids to see me be in that position a little bit more.”

Other Notes:

  • The team was sporting helmets with vintage Benny the Beaver logo. Looked pretty slick.
  • Isaac Garcia was in street clothes for practice. He is listed on the roster, but not on the injury report.
  • Xavier Crawford had a diving interception, picking off McMaryion short throw. 

First rotation offense:

QB: Marcus McMaryion

RB: Ryan Nall

WR: Timmy Hernandez, Trevon Bradford, Andre Boden,

TE: Noah Togiai

OL: Blake Brandel (LT) Fred Lauina (LG) Yanni Demogerontas**(C) Gus Lavaka (RG)  Trent Moore (RT)

**Sumner Houston according to Andersen worked with the first team offense at center for the first part of practice, but had to leave early to go to class. 

First rotation defense:

DL: Elu Aydon, Baker Pritchard,

LB: Kee Whetzel, Manase Hungalu, Doug Taumoelau, Shemiah Unutoa-Whitson

CB: Xavier Crawford, Shawn Wilson, Dwayne Williams

S: Brandon Arnold, Jalen Moore

Second rotation offense:

QB: Jake Luton

RB: Artavis Pierce

WR: Xavier Hawkins, Connor Laverty, Koby Tripp

TE: Tuli Wily-Matai

OL: Will Hopkins (RT) Andrew Iademarco (RG) Nous Keobounnam (C)  Kammy Delp (LG) Trent Moore (RT)

****Hunter Jarmon rotated in this group.

Second rotation defense 

DL: Phillip Napoleon,  Paisa Savea

LB: Hamilcar Hashed Jr., Hamilton Hunt, Wesley Payne, Reed Woodward

CB:Christian Wallace, Charles Okonkwo, Jaydon Grant

S: Drew Kell, Omar Hicks-Onu

**** Jonathan Willis, Tyler Delashmutt and Julian Brentley all rotated with this group. 

Third rotation offense:

QB: Darell Garretson

RB: Jaylynn Bailey

WR: Isaiah Hodgins, Trevon Bradford, Andre Boden

TE: Noah Togiai

OL: Same as first rotation

Fourth rotation offense:

QB: Mason Moran

RB: Artavis Pierce

WR: Andre Boden, Tanner Walker, Connor Laverty

TE: Quinn Smith

OL: Fred Lauina (RT) Kammy Delp (RG) Nous Keobounnam (C) Andrew Iademarco (LG) Trent Moore (RT)


  • Seth Collins, rehab, out for duration
  • Sam Curtius, knee, out for duration
  • Jaydon Grant, shoulder, limited action
  • Jay Irvine, shoulder, limited action
  • Chris Mengis, knee, out for duration
  • Landry Payne, knee, out for duration
  • Joah Robinett, shoulder, out for duration
  • Shemar Smith, knee, limited action
  • Kolby Taylor, leg, out for duration
  • Kenny Turnier, knee, limited action
  • Bright Ugwoegbu, foot, out for duration
  • Jordan Villamin, knee, limited action
  • Kyle White, hip, limited action
  • Lamone Williams, knee, limited action

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