Spring Scrimmage Report

Oregon State held their first scrimmage of the 2017 Spring Camp period. The scrimmage was a time for the younger players to get a chance to shine.

Saturday’s biggest performers came from Oregon State’s smallest player.

Standing 5-foot-5, Kieran Yancy took full advantage of the reps he got with Ryan Nall and Artavis Pierce seeing limited action in the team’s first scrimmage of the spring.

Yancy hasn’t gotten many reps in the past, so he’s had to take mental reps and do footwork drills on the side. Going into the scrimmage Yancy was understandably nervous.

His roommate Shawn Wilson, helped ease Yancy’s nerves with a jarring hit early.

“I got Reggie Bush-ed,” said Yancy referring to the hit on Bush during the 2006 playoffs against the Eagles. 

After that hit, it was smooth sailing for Yancy, who officially finished with 37 yards and a touchdown during the scrimmage, but flourished during third down drills.

It won’t show up on the stat sheet, but quarterback Marcus McMaryion changed the play at the line of scrimmage and Yancy made a cut and broke off an 85-yard score during the situational period.

“I saw a great big hole that my linemen opened up for me,” Yancy said. “I just took the opportunity and ran with it. Literally.”

Now, here is a play-by-play breakdown of the scrimmage:

Live 3rd Down situations (Each unit got a 3rd and 10, 3rd and 8, 3rd and 6, 3rd and 4, 3rd and 2)

First Unit offense: Jake Luton (QB) Ryan Nall (RB) Timmy Hernandez, Trevon Bradford, Hunter Jarmon (WR) Noah Togiai (TE) Trent Moore, Gus Lavaka, Sumner Houston, Fred Lauina, Blake Brandel (Offensive Line right to left)

First Unit defense: Xavier Crawford, Shawn Wilson, Dwayne Williams (CB) Brandon Arnold, Jalen Moore (S) Andrzej Hughes-Murray, Jonathan Willis, Manase Hungalu, Hamilcar Rashed (LB) Kalani Vakameilalo, Paisa Savea (DL)

  • 3rd 10: no gain
  • 3rd 8: no gain
  • 3rd 6: no gain
  • 3rd 4: Luton finds Togiai in the flats for a first down (This is also when Brian figures out what exactly is happening)
  • 3rd 2: Nall picks up first down

Second Unit Offense: Marcus McMaryion (QB) Artavis Pierce and Kieran Yancy (split reps at RB) Isaiah Hodgins, Xavier Hawkins, Andre Bodden (WR), Tuli Wily-Matagi (TE) Lauina, Kammy Delp, Yanni Demogerontas, Nous Keobounnam, Will Hopkins (O-line) 

Second Unit Defense: Jaydon Grant, Shawn Wilson, Christian Wallace (CB) Drew Kell, Omar Hicks-Onu (S), Kee Whetzel, Doug Taumoelau, Hamilton Hunt, Shemiah Unutoa-Whitson (LB) Titus Failauga, #85 (DL)

  • 3rd 10: McMaryion just missed Isaiah Hodgins who had a step on defender on a post route.
  • 3rd 8: Drew Kell delivered a big hit on Artavis Pierce on a swing pass out of the backfield.
  • 3rd 6: Coverage sack
  • 3rd 4 Kerrien Yancy gets blown up by Shawn Wilson on swing pass
  • 3rd 2: Yancy scores on an 85-yard touchdown. McMaryion audiabled at the line of scrimmage 

Third Unit Offense: Darell Garretson (QB) Jaylynn Bailey (RB) Hunter Jarmon, Trevon Bradford, Timmy Hernandez (WR) Noah Togiai (TE) Trent Moore, Gus Lavaka, Sumner Houston, Kammy Delp, Blake Brandel (OL Left to right)

Third Unit Defense: Jaydon Grant, Shawn Wilson, Christian Wallace (CB) Jordan Gregory, Tyler Delashmutt (S) Jonathan Willis, Manase Hungalu, Hamilcar Rashed Jr., Andrzej Hughes-Murray (LB) Phillip Napoleon, Elu Aydon (DL) 

  • 3rd 10: Garretson scrambles for a short gain
  • 3rd 8: 20-yard completion to Timmy Hernandez
  • 3rd 6: Incomplete pass
  • 3rd 4: Quick out to Trevon Bradford for first down
  • 3rd 2: Garretson rolls out, nearly picked off by Christian Wallace

Live period, played like an actual game:

First unit Offense: Luton (QB) Bailey (RB), Bodden, Xavier Hawkins, Hodgins, (WR) WIly-Matagi (TE) Trent Moore, Gus Lavaka, Sumner Houston, Fred Lauina, Blake Brandel (O-Line right to left)

First Unit Defense: Dwayne Williams, Shawn Wilson, Xavier Crawford (CB) Drew Kell, Jalen Moore (S) Wesley Payne, Hughes-Murray, Kee Wetzel, Unutoa-Whitson (LB)  Vakameilalo, Savea (DL)

  • 1st 10: sack
  • 2nd 15+: 20 yard completion to Wily-Matagi for first down.
  • 1st 10: Shallow cross to Bodden for five yards
  • 2nd 5: Quick hitch to Jarmon for first down
  • 1st 10: 2-yard toss to Artavis Pierce
  • 2nd 8: incomplete
  • 3rd 8: 36-yard touchdown pass to Hunter Jarmon, beat Xavier Crawford. Really nice throw

Second Offense: Garretson (QB) Pierce and Yancey (RB rotation) Hawkins, Hodgins, Koby Tripp (WR) Quinn Smith (TE)  Lauina, Kammy Delp, Yanni Demogerontas, Nous Keobounnam, Will Hopkins (O-line)

Second Defense: Christian Wallace, Shawn Wilson, Jadon Grant (CB) Omar Hicks-Onu, Kameron Carroll (S) Hamilcar Rashed Jr., Jonathan Willis, Hamilton Hunt, Doug Taumoelau (LB) Titus Failauga, #85

  • 1st 10: 15 yard run up the middle from Pierce
  • 1st 10: Throw away
  • 2nd 10: Toss to Pierce for two yards
  • 3rd 8: Incomplete pass
  • 1st 10: Toss to Yancy, makes player miss in backfield, picks up 7
  • 2nd 3: Yancy up the middle for two yards
  • 3rd 1: Yancy off tackle for five yards and a first down
  • 1st 10: Garretson finds Quinn Smith on a quick out for five yards
  • 2nd 5: Yance up the middle for three yards
  • 3rd 2: Yancey stuffed
  • 4th 2: Big block from Wily-Matagi, but run still stuffed

Third Offense: McMaryion (QB), Bailey (RB) Hernandez, Jarmon, Hodgins (WR) Togiai (TE) First unit offensive line

Third Defense: Xavier Crawford, Shawn Wilson, Dwayne Williams (CB) Jordan Gregory, Tyler Delashmutt (S)Andrzej Hughes-Murray, Jonathan Willis, Manase Hungalu, Hamilcar Rashed Jr. (LB) Kalani Vakameilalo, Paisa Savea (DL) 

  • 1st 10: Incomplete to Hodgins
  • 2nd 10: Jaylynn Bailey picks up 15 yards
  • 1st 10: Bailey drops a swing pass out of the backfield
  • 2nd 10: Quick hitch to Jarmon for 8 yards
  • 3rd 2: Bailey bulls his way for a first down
  • 1st 10: Incomplete pass to Jarmon
  • 2nd 10: Bailey runs over  Jordan Gregory  and turns a three yard gain into 30 yard gain.
  • 1st goal: Bailey stuffed at line of scrimmage
  • 2nd goal: McMaryion finds Togiai on play-action pass for touchdown.

Fourth Offense: Conor Blount (QB) Yancy (RB) Tanner Walker, Koby Tripp, Connor Lavaerty (WR) Wily-Matagi (TE)  Lauina, Kammy Delp, Yanni Demogerontas, Nous Keobounnam, Will Hopkins (O-line)

  • 1st 10: Conor Blount to Tanner Walker for a loss of two
  • 2nd 12: Short gain from Yancy
  • 3rd 9: Blount completes his pass to Connor Laverty for a first down
  • 1st 10: Yancy stuffed at line of scrimmage
  • 2nd : Blount scrambles for two yards
  • 3rd 8: Sacked


  • In the redzone portion, Luton was nearly picked off on a pass intended for Togiai
  • Luton was later picked off by Christian Wallace on a pass intended for Hodgins. Both player had a chance to catch the ball, Wallace won the battle.
  • Xavier Crawford blocked a field goal
  • Yancy scored on a two-yard touchdown during red zone period
  • Pierce, Bailey, Xavier Hawkins, Bradford were returning kicks prior to scrimmage
  • Jordan Choukair drilled a field goal from 45 yards out, with plenty of room to spare. No rush
  • Shemiah Unutoa-Whitson, Hamilton Hunt and Kalani Vakameilalo each had a sack
  • Andersen said there is still no timetable set for naming a starting quarterback

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