Day 14: Beavs practice once more before Spring Game

The Oregon State football team held it's final practice of the spring before gathering on Saturday for the finale. It also marked the first time the team was able to hold practice outside in Reser Stadium.

The sun was out, which mean the Oregon State football team practiced outside for the first time this spring.

On the team’s final practice before Saturday’s Spring Game, Andersen was encouraged by the receiver's play and the defensive line’s ability to stop the run.

Jordan Villamin looked like the Jordan Villamin of old in practice today. While the team was practicing end-of-the-game situations, Villamin hauled in a Hail Mary from Marcus McMaryion out jumping the much shorter Xavier Crawford for a touchdown. In the presser following practice, Andersen said that play “wins the game.”

A couple of series later, it looked Jaydon Grant would come down with an interception of Jake Luton, but Villamin snatched the ball away from Grant to put the offense in the red zone—two plays later Luton found freshman Isaiah Hodgins for a five-yard touchdown. 

“Jordan made some big plays today,” Andersen said. “It was fantastic to see Jordan make some big-time plays.”

Villamin’s plays where an encouraging sign for the receiver corp, who had trouble winning contested passes throughout spring.

“It was great to see some contested ball get caught today,” Andersen said. “That’s something we talked long and hard about for the throw game to grow and develop.” 

Still waiting on the QB:

The naming of a starting quarterback will wait until fall, and could possibly not be named until a minute before the Beavers kickoff their season against Colorado State.

Jake Luton, Marcus McMaryion and Darell Garretson have been duking it out all spring, and are expected to get even reps in the Spring Game. 

“We have three quarterbacks that have proven they can manage a game,” Andersen said. “We are looking for difference makers at the quarterback spots...but is is important for a quarterback to manage (the game).

“We are looking for the next step and that’s a quarterback who can make the special plays.”

Everyone will play in spring game:

Each player–those who aren’t injured–will get a chance to play in Saturday’s scrimmage

Majority of the scrimmage will be fully live, but early on the game will not be full contact. Running backs Ryan Nall and Artavis Pierce will not be tacked during the game. 

“We aren’t going to sit guys out, we are going to play everyone,” Andersen said. “The first part of the spring game is going to be ‘thud’ and it may be for one quarter, it may be for a quarter-and-a-half just depending on how it goes. Our kids will handle that well, and then we will liven it up. 

“I think it’s important for our kids to have one more practice that way, and it’s also for our fans. They have not had the opportunity to see us this spring because we’ve been inside virtually will give everybody a chance to see our guys go.” 

D-Line depth:

Paisa Savea, on one series was a too much to handle for the offensive line. He shot through the middle of the line for a “sack” of Darell Garretson. A couple plays later, he sniffed out a screen intended for Artavis Pierce. Savea, along with the rest of the defensive line has been a strong point for the team this spring.

“Paisa has had a very solid spring,” Andersen said. “And I would say this, those front kids have had a really solid spring. That is a place that when you look at us, we do have a two-deep at that defensive line that we feel very good about. It’s not really starters, there are six or seven of those kids who are really good football players.”

No golfers on this team:

Last practice the team had some friendly competition over a game of golf. Players had to chip a shot from the endzone and have it land on the logo at midfield.

If Andersen had to pick someone to play a playoff hole in the Masters, he would look for someone that is not on his team.

“That was some poor golf,” Andersen said. “There’s a lot of self proclaimed golfers.” 

The golfers who talk the biggest games? Quarterback Conor Blount and linebacker Manase Hungalu

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