Decoud wraps up Pro Day, interviews next

Cornerback Treston Decoud was looking to impress the scouts and build upon his NFL Combine performance. BeaverBlitz caught up with him shortly after he finished his workout.

Our Oregon State Pro Day coverage continues with cornerback Treston Decoud, who is the highest-rated player of the draft-eligible Beavs.

The former Oregon State corner turned in a solid day, taking part in every drill outside of the bench press, and showcasing his ball skills. He redid the vertical, jumping 30.5”. The vertical was only a half inch shy of his Combine numbers, but that wasn’t Decoud’s area of focus. No, the 40-yard dash was the beast that needed to be conquered. There was a specific number in mind for the corner that would make him draftable.

“I was trying to get low 4.5’s," Decoud said. "I think I had a 4.62. Low 4.5’s would be great for me. 4.5 is a draftable grade.”

Reaching that 40 time was a big goal for for Decoud, considering that he has been dinged by draft analysts for his speed. Luckily, he has multiple traits that the NFL scouts truly like.

“They love my aggression. They like my length. They like me as a football player," he said. "They just want to see me move faster. They said they like me, and hopefully they did. I believe them.”

Decoud may be hearing many positive comments from teams, but he hasn’t lined up many visits as of yet. He only has one visit lined up right now (with the Cowboys on Monday), but that should change after his impressive Pro Day.

Besides, he has gained valuable advice throughout this process from outside sources.

“Just enjoy the process," he said. "You only get it once. Stay humble. If you remain humble, you’ll be all right.”

Decoud appears to be taking this advice to heart, as he has shown no issues with possibly switching positions for whatever team drafts him.

“Some teams have asked me about switching to safety, and I said that I’m willing to do whatever they need to help the team and take care of my family. Special teams is gonna be big. I think that everything will pay off.”

Now that the Pro Day is over, Decoud is focusing on interviews with teams and preparing for the NFL Draft. He doesn’t expect to be a first-round draft pick, but he does expect to hear his name called between rounds three and seven. When that happens, he expects to get emotional.

“Oh, there’ll be a lot of tears. My family will probably cry, I know I’m gonna cry. Probably for the next day and a half.”

Unlike teammate Sean Harlow, Decoud is planning on watching the NFL Draft. In fact, he has plans to make the event special back home in Louisiana.

“I’m gonna go home. Probably gonna do it at my grandma’s house where it all started," he said. "Probably just the family, a couple friends, a couple people I know. Just a family gathering, 10-15 people having a little barbecue cookout just like we're watching Sunday Night Football. Just a regular old day.”

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