Pro Day: Sean Harlow

Offensive lineman Sean Harlow showcased his skills in individual work during Friday's Pro Day in Corvallis. BeaverBlitz caught up with him to get the latest.

Our Oregon State Pro Day coverage continues with offensive lineman Sean Harlow, who kept some of his numbers from the NFL Scouting Combine but took part in the individual drills.

Weighing in at 300 pounds, Harlow was one of the bigger players at the OSU Pro Day. Despite this size, he showed off very good movement with his backpedaling, side shuffles, and straight-ahead sprints. In fact, Harlow drew frequent praise from the Falcons scout that ran the event.

The Pro Day may be the second workout of this type for Harlow, but he is still enjoying the experience.

“It’s crazy, to go from the Combine to the Pro Days," he said. "To see how far I’ve come and where I have to go. It’s been great, you know. Just workout, train, eat, and that’s it.”

Harlow continued by explaining that this process is almost easier than that of a student-athlete, considering that he just has to train to be a professional. This simplification of the day comes in handy, especially considering that Harlow will be training for a new position.

“I think, obviously, the biggest thing will be moving inside to guard or center. I’ve been stuck at tackle since I was a junior in high school. It’s just one of those things where I have to get better. But that’s what football is. You just have to practice and get better.”

“I already had a workout with the Panthers two days ago, and I have two more coming up next week. The Browns and Saints. The Bengals lined up as well. It’s all up in the air right now. You never really know who’s interested. I could get a call tomorrow saying that a team wants an interview in two days.”

As Harlow explained, these interviews are less about answering random questions than they are about putting in a short workout and impressing the coaches. Strangely, he hasn’t fallen victim to the strange and occasionally inappropriate questions that scouts tend to ask players during interviews.

“I don’t really have any weird questions yet," he said. "Most off-the-wall one was ‘are you right or left-handed’ while I was writing with my right hand. You know, it’s coming from people trying to catch you off guard.”

Of course, these interviews are integral to finding out if a team wants to spend a draft pick on you. Most players either attend the draft site or have a party with their family to watch the event. As of right now, Harlow isn’t exactly sure how he will spend draft weekend.

“I don’t really have any plans. It’s a three-day event and I don’t know if I’m going day two or day three," he said. "I don’t really want to spend the weekend just sitting on the couch hoping and waiting. You know, they’ve got my phone number. They can call me.”

This is a brilliant move on Harlow’s part. Both NFL Network and ESPN follow certain prospects around during the draft to catch their reactions to the different picks. Sometimes, the move works out, like it did with Cincinnati’s Mardy Gilyard, who found out that he was drafted by the Rams while fishing. Other times, such as the case of Auburn’s Ben Tate, don’t particularly portray the player in the best light. Every draft season, NFL Network airs a replay from 2011 where Tate is sitting on his couch just swearing at every choice and insulting the other running backs. It wasn’t a good look for the eventual Texans backup.

With the Scouting Combine and the Pro Day in the rearview, Harlow can now focus on learning new positions and just getting ready for his interviews and the NFL Draft. We will discover if this hard work has paid off April 27th-29th when the draft heads to Philadelphia. 

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