I hate to write after a game like Friday's game

What can you say, or I write, about a game like last Friday's game? Not much. So I won't. Instead, I'll try to collate a list of stuff from message boards and newspaper articles that followed in the wake of the latest FSU OSU scuffle. Most of the points are from the BeaverFootball.com message board. I have edited some of them for clarity, to remove profanity, or just because I felt like it.


  1. Is Mike Riley the answer or the question?
  2. Everyone agrees that Riley is a good coach, but he hasn’t coached a team with a winning record in a long time.
  3. The Beavers seem to have the knack of losing close games. Does Mike keep the Beavers in close games with good coaching, or does he get out-coached in games that happen to be close?
  4. Is being a nice guy enough?
  5. Some people love his smile in desperate situations, some don’t.
  6. My note: It’s a little early to be going into a panic about Mike Riley as head coach. Let’s not forget who got the program on its feet in the first place.


Assciated Press
Steven Jackson is the best back in the nation according to ESPN announcer Mike Golic.


  1. 1. Steven is showing everyone that he is the best back in college football. The ESPN announcers couldn’t say enough good things about him. My note: I agree with them.
  2. 2. Throwing to Steven has been a very good idea.
  3. 3. Steven has the best stiff-arm in college football, looks a lot like Walter Payton, only bigger.
  4. 4. Jackson is getting his yards, whether the blocking is there or not.





  1. James Newson looked pretty good on Friday, but didn’t look like he was back to 100%.
  2. Mike Hass and James Newson need to be on the field at the same time.
  3. Where were tight-ends as pass receivers in Friday’s game plan?
  4. My note: Mike Williams, USC, sure is looking good. Man, what a combination of size, speed, and great hands!
  5. The Beavers sure could use a speed receiver to stretch out opposing defenses.



  1. Derek Anderson, the drama continues. My note: I could not fit all of the posts, pro and con, about Derek in a normal sized article.
  2. Some say Derek is the problem; some say it is his offensive line.
  3. Should Adam Rothenfluh have been given a chance, especially in his hometown?
  4. To redshirt or not to redshirt, that is the question.
  5. Do you think that Danny Southwick would reconsider?
  6. A pass out of bounds on the last play of a game when you are down by 2?
  7. There is a rumor that Dan Rothwell has been taking snaps and might start next week against NMSU. Dan plans on wearing his usual lineman shoulder pads, just in case he needs to play on both sides of the ball.



  1. Nothing helps a football wound like a game against a team from New Mexico State.
  2. Boise State is looking more and more like a “maybe” in the win column. Boise State won their first game 62-0.
  3. My note: I suppose that I will have to revise my preseason prediction of the Beavers going undefeated.


Associated Press
The Beaver "D" couldn't stop the Bulldog attack when they needed to.


  1. The defense played a good game but couldn’t stop FSU on their last drive.
  2. Seigler and Edwards were dominating.
  3. The defense did a good job of pressuring and delivering hits to the FSU quarterback. My note: You have to admire that guy. He took a beating but kept getting up and making plays. My orange and black hat is off to him.
  4. Those blown coverages on the big pass plays hurt. You expect that sort of thing from the younger players, not the ones with experience.
  5. This game was eerily reminiscent of the Beavers’ losses last year. The defense played well but didn’t get much help from the offense.



  1. Are the Beavers mentally tough enough? Fresno State was much tougher mentally. There was lots of extra curricular activity going on, the Beavers lost their cool and the Bulldogs didn’t. The Beavers seemed to be more concerned with wrasslin’ than playing football. My note: Do you think Kanan Sanchez was trying to get the attention of New Orleans Saints scouts?
  2. FSU players looked like they wanted it more.
  3. Clock management needs to get a tad bit better.
  4. Play calling could have been a tad bit better, especially at the goal line.
  5. Can’t blame the refs for this one. If anything, the Beavs got the best of any bad calls.
  6. Cole Clasen is doing a good job of fielding punts but isn’t exactly striking fear into opponents’ hearts with his return ability.
  7. USC is the class of the PAC-10 right now.
  8. At least we’re not Florida fans.


My final note: Don’t despair Beaver believers. The season is young and things will get better. Let’s show up at the NMSU game, orange, loud, and proud and help the Beavers get the season headed back in the right direction.

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