NCAA vote and how it impacts the Beavers

The NCAA will meet this week to vote on several rule changes that would directly effect Oregon State. Here is a look and what it means for the Beavers.

The NCAA will be looking at several changes to legislation for all sports, but a few proposals that will be voted on pertaining to football are of great interest for Oregon State and Coach Andersen.  Here is a Cliff Notes look at some of the most important to the Beavers.


Proposal: Limiting the number of satellite camp days to ten.  These camps would be restricted to those 9 assistant coaches and the head coach who are allowed to be on the road recruiting, and graduate assistants who have passed their recruiting rules exam. Satellite Camps would also need to be held on college campuses and would be considered 'Recruiting Camps" instead of "Instructional Camps".

BeaverBlitz Notes: Last year the NCAA tried to put the breaks on the Satellite Camps, which thanks in part to Jim Harbaugh's shotgun approach were out of hand.  In 2016, coaches and support staff were able to attend Satellite Camps, but were limited to two 15 day time frames or 30 days.  These camps were also labeled as "Instructional Camps" which limited the recruiting conversations that could occur at the events.  If this passes, it would create several large mega-camps around the country.  Oregon State would have to travel and it is unlikely that the Beavers would hold a large scale camp as the area is not hugely saturated with talent and Corvallis is not a major metro area.  The Beavers are still set to hold their Corvallis camps on June 16 and June 18, but the Satellite Camp schedule is on hold until the ruling is made.


Proposal: Allow each program to have a tenth coach who could be an off-campus recruiter.

BeaverBlitz Notes: This appears to be a slam dunk ruling and would help the Beavers get one more coach on the road.  Coach Andersen could also bring on a full time defensive coach to even out the offense and defensive staffs, or more likely add Jake Cookus as a full time special teams coach (he is currently a special teams quality control assistant).


Proposal: Add a December signing period for preps that coincides with the Early Signing Period for Junior College transfers.  The proposal calls for a June and December signing period, however, there is ZERO support for a June signing period because it limits the academic information available to programs and there is no out clause for those who may sign in June only to have the coaching staff fired in November.

BeaverBlitz Notes: We love Signing Day at BeaverBlitz and with the recent large numbers of junior college signees in December, why not add more to the mix and allow high school seniors to sign too. This would help Oregon State solidify their class and know who is solid and who may be keeping their options open so that they can better fill the class and address needs by the February date.  

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