New NCAA Rules & Oregon State

The Division I Council at the NCAA held their spring meetings late last week. What rules were passed and how do they impact the Beavers? Time to take a look.

The Division I Council held several critical votes late last week and made several decisions that directly impact the Oregon State football program.

One of the big areas that the Division I Football Oversight Committed focused on was recruiting and helping to the prospective student-athletes.  After the group tried to shut down satellite camps last year, the committee met to come up with a better plan.  Whether these new rules will help or hurt the Beavers is yet to be seen.

EARLY SIGNING PERIOD: The Committee voted to allow two national signing periods.  The first would coincide with the early signing period in December, historically for junior college December graduates.  This rule will allow for one 72 hour period beginning on the third Wednesday in December (December 20-23 in 2017).  The second signing period would remain on the first Wednesday in February.

  • This is a good move for the Beavers.  Prospects that are locked up can be signed and allow the staff to work on finalizing the class in January.  
  • This is good for recruits who know where they want to go and are finished with the recruiting process.  It allows them to re-focus on their final year of high school and not a continuation of recruiting.

OFFICIAL VISITS: Also approved, the Committee will begin allowing Official Visits to begin April 1 of the prospects junior year and run through the Sunday prior to the last Wednesday in June of that year.  Official Visits would then begin again once the student begins the first day of their senior year.  

  • While the number of visits remains at five, it gives the prospect more time to take their visits instead of trying to fit them into a busy fall in between their own high school games.  

CAMPS/COMBINES: Coaches will now be limited to ten days of camps.  These camps must take place on college campuses.  In the past these satellite camps were used for coaching and the staffs were restricted in recruiting activities.  The Committee now allows for recruiting conversations to take place at these camps and requires that the camps and combines have an educational element which is to detail initial eligibility requirements and rules on gambling and drugs.

  • A big loss for the Beavers as it limits the number of camps the Beaver coaches can attend.  These camps have been a big benefit to the Beavers over the years as they've been able to hold camps on high school campuses across the country.  Oregon State isn't in a football recruiting hotbed, so it will force the Beavers to team up with other programs across the nation, who will hold the camps on their campuses.

TWO-A-DAY PRACTICES: Old school athletes may roll their eyes, but the Committee voted to ban two contact practice periods per day (aka Daily Doubles or Two-A-Days) in an effort to protect the student-athletes.  Programs are still allowed to hold a contact practice and a walk through on the same day.

  • Oregon State had already adapted rules for Fall Camp. On the days the program was to hold two practices, one would be a full contact practice in pads, while one would be a no contact walk-through practice.

ADDING A COACH: The Committee approved the proposal to allow FBS Programs the ability to add a 10th full time coach who would be an on-field coach and able to be on the road recruiting.  The catch...the rule will not go into effect until January 9, 2018.

  • I didn't expect to see this rule go into effect so late, but many coaches were concerned that they could see their recruiting staff raided prior to spring evaluation period if it were to go into effect immediately.

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