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Crocker Talks Top Eight

Four-star wide receiver Isaah Crocker released his top eight recently. He goes in-depth on all of them, including which school will receive his last official visit.

There's no mistaking it about Isaah Crocker, he brings energy and passion to everything that he does. He is incredibly thankful for every opportunity that has been extended to him and the relationships that he has built through football. That excitement comes out when he discusses his recruitment and the opportunities that are in front of him to continue his football career.

Crocker took to Twitter last week to release his top-8 programs as he starts to narrow the focus in his recruitment. The four-star wide receiver from Sacramento's Inderkum High School and Team TMP on the 7on7 circuit has seen his recruitment take off since the Beavers first offered back towards the end of January. Since then he has picked up offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Hawaii, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon, San Jose State, UCLA, USC, Utah and Wyoming.

Moving forward however, he has narrowed his focus to Cal, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, USC and Utah. He broke down what he likes about each of the schools for BeaverBlitz.

Cal: "Cal is like the #1 public school in the nation, academically wise. Not only that, I grew up being a Cal Bear fan so I'm familiar with the environment there. And I'd be close to home too. I'm excited to see what Cal has in store for me."

USC: "USC has a connection with me through Josh (Falo). You know we played together at Inderkum and with TMP, getting to play with him again would be a great experience. I feel like they're going to be one of the top schools in the Pac-12."

Nebraska: "I feel like Nebraska has one of the best wide receiver coaches, and there's no doubt that they could get me to the next level with what's happening there."

Notre Dame: "They have one of the best combinations of academics and football you can find. They also are one of the top programs that put guys into the NFL, along with Nebraska and USC."

UCLA: "I have a great connection with Coach JD, ever since he was up at Oregon. This last weekend we were down there for a little spring game and it was a good time down there."

Utah: "Utah has a good reputation for putting out good receivers. Then with Coach Edwards and his background from Eastern Washington and having an air raid type offense, they know how to use their receivers. I like how they can change their offense around and how they set their offense up, getting the ball into their receivers' hands."

Oregon: "Everything about Oregon is nice. Coach JD originally was recruiting me there, and when he came down here last year to check out Josh (Falo) they were checking in on me then but I was hurt so they didn't get to see me play because I missed half the season. But the new staff has taken over and they have a powerhouse team that they are building up there. I actually talked with Coach Taggart earlier and I'm feeling the movement! It's a blessing and I would really love to be a part of the movement because they need an elite wide receiver."

Oregon State: "I love Oregon State! It's got the original TMP pipeline and I don't care what anybody else says! Having that connection there and being able to play alongside my brothers there would truly be a blessing. Coach Baldwin is the coach that I've been speaking to the most and is just a great coach. Oregon State is going to be my last official visit, and you know I save the best for last. I really, really, really want to visit there to see what they have in store for me. And again to be able to play with my brothers again and bring that connection there and then build it up to a true powerhouse there, like Oregon and USC and these other schools. To be able to do that with my brothers would be the best feeling. Like they say there, it's built not bought!"

Of his top-8 schools, he knows that he wants to take official visits to three of them already. Those programs being Oregon, Nebraska and Oregon State, with the later receiving the last. The other two visits he would like to take but they will have to fit into an already busy fall schedule. Isaah wants to make his commitment at Inderkum's homecoming game and is giving serious consideration to enrolling early rather than waiting until February to sign his letter of intent.

"I had originally thought about waiting to make my commitment at the last minute in January, but the more I've thought about it, the more I like the idea of graduating early like Isaiah (Hodgins) did. That way I could be there for spring ball, settle in and get more comfortable with things before the season starts up." He continued, "I've talked it over with some of the coaches recruiting me and then with Coach T as well, and most everyone thinks it's a good opportunity. When I was talking it over with Coach Baldwin, he was telling me about the benefits of being able to do that and that they would support me in making it happen."

BeaverBlitz will stay in touch with Isaah Crocker as his recruitment continues to move forward.

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