Poyer Ready for Buffalo

New Buffalo Bill and former Beaver great Jordan Poyer is ready to kick things off this offseason.

Sometimes, the NFL offseason is the most entertaining part of the schedule. Granted, nothing quite compares to the action of a heavy-hitting defensive affair on Sunday afternoons, but minicamps provide more opportunities for players to let their personalities shine.

One perfect example is Jordan Poyer. Once a safety for the Cleveland Browns, Poyer has since signed with the Buffalo Bills to shore up that defensive backfield. Unfortunately, not many fans have seen or heard from Poyer as he has recovered from a lacerated spleen.

To fix this issue, Lauren Hall of the Buffalo Bills web site caught up with Poyer during photo and video day to get his thoughts on a multitude of subjects. Hall conducted a Facebook Live segment with Poyer in his new uniform (now #21) and took questions from the fans. Many of these queries obviously concentrated on the New England Patriots, but there were a few fun moments as well in which the duo discussed food.

The full video is available at BuffaloBills.com, but let’s recap a few of the highlights. 

His Thoughts on Wings

Seeing how this is Buffalo, the first question obviously involved Poyer’s feelings about wings. The former Oregon State safety proclaimed that he prefers his wings to be hot but doesn’t particularly care for Bleu Cheese. Instead, he chooses to slather Ranch Dressing on those bad boys. This is almost considered to be sacrilege in upper New York, but Bills fans will be more forgiving as long as Poyer makes big plays.

Football is Fun, No Matter the Weather

Another obvious, but important, question for Poyer concerned his thoughts about playing in the snow. As a former Brown, Poyer has quite the experience with inclement weather, but does he actually enjoy it? Well, his answer expressed a love for football that can’t be defined by a single type of weather.

“I like playing football in the heat, rain, snow, mud...Anytime you get to put the pads on and go play, man, I love it.”

This was a very important question for Poyer to nail considering that the Bills play more than a few snow games during November and December.

The Reality of the NFL

One of the more interesting questions of the Facebook Live segment was about Poyer’s early career. A Bills fan asked when Poyer actually realized that he was in the NFL. As expected, the answer provided goosebumps.

“My very first game as a Philadelphia Eagle. We played on Monday night, and I was starting at Nickel. The National Anthem of that game, the planes flew over, and it was kind of a moment that I’ll never forget…”

His Short Baseball Career

To finish off the interview, Poyer was asked about his time playing both football and baseball as a collegiate athlete. Lauren Hall pointed out that many fans were unaware of the fact that Poyer briefly played both baseball and football at Oregon State before focusing primarily on the gridiron.

“I was actually drafted out of high school, played two years at Oregon State, baseball and football. The moment I decided to take that route was probably my sophomore year. We were playing USC, I had a pick six. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to continue my path in playing football.”

As OTA’s continue this week, more players will be available for interviews as both veterans and rookies join their teams. Sean Harlow, Stephen Paea, Mike Remmers, and many others should provide some quotes and first glimpses of actual action. However, don’t expect Treston Decoud as he will be finishing up school. The Texans expect the Oregon State cornerback at a later date seeing how his classes are on a quarter schedule. 

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