Trajon Cotton (Brandon Huffman)

Tracking the 2017 Signees

The 2017 signees will soon be making their way to their new home in Corvallis. Who's on track and who still has work to complete?

June 24 is move in day for many of the 2017 Oregon State signees.  Some will be arriving a day or two earlier depending on travel schedules, but everyone that we spoke with is excited to be moving into their dorms at Oregon State and kicking off their college careers.  BeaverBlitz will continue to track the athletes heading into the Bridge Program.

Already on Campus/Enrolled in School

Confirmed to be arriving by June 24

  • Kesi Ah-Hoy--in OSU directory
  • B.J. Baylor--in OSU directory
  • Clay Cordasco--not in the OSU directory, Cordasco confirmed that he will be arriving in Corvallis on June 20.
  • Trajon Cotton--"I'll probably be up there around the 22nd or 23rd," Cotton told BeaverBlitz. "Move in day is the 24th."  Cotton has also been busy working out daily with the OSU workout.  He is up to 197 pounds. Trajon graduates high school today and said, "I can't wait to be on the Beaver campus."
  • Isaiah Dunn--not in OSU directory, he confirmed that he will be in Corvallis on June 23 to move in.
  • Arex Flemings--will be arriving on June 24. "I've been doing workouts on my own and cleaning up my game," he said.
  • Justin Gardner--"I'll be in Corvallis on June 23," Gardner told BeaverBlitz.
  • Kaleb Hayes--in OSU directory
  • Travis Mackay--"June 24," Mackay confirmed. "I can't wait."
  • Jeffrey Manning--Manning and Flemings graduate high school on Saturday.  He will arrive in Corvallis on June 23.
  • David Morris--"I'll be there June 24," Morris said.
  • Aaron Short--in OSU directory
  • Calvin Tyler--"I'm all set and arrive June 24," Tyler said. "I have done some (workouts), but I don't have a lot of time being a four sport athlete."
  • Charles Watson--arriving June 23
  • Brock Wellsfry--"I check into the dorms on June 25," Wellsfry said. "I've been working out with a great program to get me ready for when I'm down there."
  • Aidan Willard--"I move in on June 24," Willard confirmed.

No Confirmation

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