No Place Like Home

Oregon State players and coaches are excited to be hosting the regional tournament in front of loyal fans.

The biggest advantage Oregon State gave itself by fighting for a 49-4 regular season record and the number one overall seed is the crowd at Goss Stadium.

A new all-time attendance record along with the last three pac-12 series being completely sold out and the Goss Stadium has to be considered one of the hardest places to come into and play in the country. The team and coaching staff all year has talked about how an electric Goss Stadium has helped them along, and they echoed their statements after the selection show Monday morning.

“Its really nice playing in front of our fans, you know it’s not easy for other teams to play in Goss Stadium,” sophomore infielder Nick Madrigal said. “There’s been a number of games where the fans have had a huge impact on the game and we thank them for that.”

“There’s no better place for us to play than Goss. You saw it the last couple of days the weather has been nice and the attendance has been unbelievable,” said sophomore infielder Cadyn Grenier. “The place has been absolutely electric. To play the regional and then super regional in front of our fans is going to be better than any other situation we could have.”

The last time the Beavers hosted a regional was 2014, and though they are hoping to avoid the fate of that regional, the Beavers are excited to host. And for almost everyone on the roster this is the first time in their career they will host.

"2015 was my only postseason experience and we were down in Dallas,” said redshirt sophomore RHP Drew Rasmussen. “So I am excited it’s my favorite place to play so it will be exciting to be able to stay home.”

Head coach Pat Casey and the coaching staff, veterans of regionals across the country, are excited to be playing at home as well.

“We have played in a regional in Florida, we have played in a regional in Texas, we have played in a regional in Virginia I can tell you that it’s nice when you get to play at home and stay in your own bed,” said Casey. “And I think it’s great for the crowd too to be rewarded for their support.”

The regional starts on Friday June 2nd, with Oregon State playing it’s first game against Holy Cross that night at 8PM pacific time. 

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