A Boy Named Steve, by The Man in Black (& Orange)

Big Daddy Orange recaps the New Mexico State game with a tribute to Johnny Cash.

Big Daddy left home for game number three, and we took lots of stuff, Big Momma and me, with a loaded rig and our son in the back seat for a snooze.
Now, you can’t blame us ‘cause we were all stoked, and I’m sure you’ll know that it’s no joke, we were going to see a back named Steve.

Well, I must admit I was a little stunned, when the score was seven zip before Steve got to run, seemed like the Beavs would have to fight the whole game through.
Some guy behind me was pissin’ and moanin’, his friends were holdin’ their heads and groanin’, I tell you, life ain’t easy when you sit near fans who haven’t got a clue.

Then things got worse and the crowd turned mean, Section 26 spotted a Duck fan dressed in green. It seemed like some Beaver fans had sampled one too many brews.
But I made a vow to myself and my wife, that I’d ignore the fool behind us, and pray for the Duck fan’s life, and pay attention to the game the way a fan’s supposed to do.

You have to admit it was a gutsy call, when they faked the punt and ran the ball, that’s the way an underdog wins a game on the road, it’s true.
Yes, things were bad and things were rotten, last week’s game hadn’t been forgotten, but it was a chance to see the Beavers’ character come through.

It was the second quarter when things started to turn, the defense forced a turnover as Tony Samuel burned, and some of the crowd started to believe.
Matt Brock and crew were controlling the line, no yellow flags were flying, which was mighty fine, and at last they started to give the ball to Steve.

Down the field they marched, Tim Euhus caught one for a score, John Dailey put the kick through for one point more, with Carl Tobey fielding the low snap as only he can do.
A little while later Steve punched one in, I looked at big momma and started to grin. The Beavs were ahead at the completion of two.

The second half started with an impressive Beaver drive, a little while later a nice quarterback dive, some great defense and win number two was in the bag.
Some fans around said “Why do they keep giving the ball to Steven?” Well, Big Daddy can think of 166 reasons. I think you’d better find another subject on which to nag.

Because for better or worse for thick or thin the ball is going to go to Steven again and again, when you have a featured back that’s how it goes.
Some play action on first down would be nice, and it wasn’t too good to see Steve’s knee wrapped in ice, but he’ll be back next week to cause the Broncos woes.

So join me next week, and come believin’, that the Broncos are gonna get pounded by Steven. And maybe then some fans will change their views.
The name is Steve the number is 34, he gained 166 but next week he’ll have more,
And you know, if I ever have a son, I think I’ll name him…
(Not really, I already have a son, and his name is not Steven, not even his middle name.)




  • Take away the touchdown play and a couple of gimmick plays, and the defense gave NMSU nothing. It wasn’t a matter of flashy defense, i.e. interceptions & fumble recoveries, but good solid defensive football.
  • D.J. Coote played a solid game.
  • The linebackers were dominant.
  • The interior linemen threw the option offense totally out of whack. My favorite play of the game was Dwan Edwards screaming through the line to destroy a third down option play.
  • The safeties and cornerbacks supported run defense excellently and did not give up any big plays through the air.



  • Matt Brock, Brian Kilkenny, David Lose, Brent Bridges, and Doug Nienhuis owned the line of scrimmage. It is a wonderful thing to see Matt come thundering around the corner looking for someone to crush.
  • Big Game James Newson looked like the James Newson from last year. Throw the ball near him; he’ll go get it.
  • Derek Anderson did a much better job of going through his progressions.



  • Carl Tobey: Good job punting and better job catching bad snaps.
    Dan Rothwell: It seemed like each snap improved as the game went on.
    Brandon Cantanese: Provided excellent punt coverage. He almost downed two punts inside the five and was involved in the NMSU muffed punt return.
  • John Daily: Good job filling in, in a difficult situation.



  • No one threw anything at John Canzano as he stood on the sidelines.
    Penalties were way down.
  • Tim Euhus was once again the last player on the field, showing fans (and especially the small fans) that he cares.
    Nick Barnett finished Sunday’s game against Detroit with 12 tackles, 2 assisted tackles, and one interception.
  • Derek Anderson got the loudest cheers during game introductions. The cheers were slightly attenuated after the Beavers’ first offensive series.
    Did you notice, not one delay of game penalty? As a matter of fact, the Beavers were usually coming up to the line of scrimmage with 15+ seconds left on the play clock.

Big Daddy Orange was the first columnist to join BeaverFootball.com. He has been with the website since 1998 and been a Beaver fan for almost 20 years. Big Daddy Orange can be reached at bigdaddyorange@beaverfootball.com.

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