This is going to be a fun series

You can say a lot of things about Saturday's game, but you can't say that it was boring. It had a little bit of everything, some good offense, some good defense, some good special teams play, some good officiating (just kidding), big plays, great plays, and hard hits. Man, that is getting your money's worth for your entertainment dollar!

My Orange hat is off to Boise State’s players, coaches, and fans. They all showed nothing but class. There were many times when a Boise State player would help a Beaver up after a play and, with the exception of Tim Gilligan’s WWF routine after he scored on the punt return, the Broncos displayed excellent sportsmanship at all times. I noticed on the television replay that Dan Hawkins was shouting to his players, “Have some class, have some class” after the officials’ call on the fourth quarter quarterback sneak. That’s impressive. I can think of many things I might have been saying after that play if I were a Boise State fan, but “Have some class” isn’t on my list.

Boise State head coach Dan Hawkins kept his compsure even when the refs made a horrible call at the end of the game.

The quarterback sneak is just one of many controversial calls. A Beaver fan might call it the correct call a Bronco fan might not. I guess it all depends on how you look at it. With that in mind, here are some items from the game from different points of view.

OSU: Derek Anderson had a great game.
BSU: Ryan Dinwiddie had a great game.
BDO: Both quarterbacks had great games. I was very impressed with Ryan Dinwiddie, he has great feet, throws a nice ball, and has that something extra that makes him a playmaker. As for Derek, I’m not sure if this was his best game ever, or if it was last year’s Civil War. Either way, he played a great game. He didn’t force the ball into coverage, he made good reads, he threw beautiful passes under pressure, he ran when he had the chance, and he stayed in the pocket and trusted his offensive line. I could go on and on with the good things Derek did in this game. I’m hoping we will see many more performances like this one.


BSU: Those tight ends for Oregon State sure are big. They made some good plays.
OSU: Those tight ends for Boise State sure are big. That ninety-one looks as big as a freight train.
BDO: There were some big boys out there playing the tightend position. It was good to see Joe Newton score his first touchdown. It seemed to me that Tim Euhus was in the middle of many a big play. He made some good catches, fumbled once, got called for holding once, and made some terrific blocks (If you watch the replay, check out his blocking on the Steven Jackson touchdown.).


OSU: Our cornerback play was “interesting”.
BSU: Our cornerback play was “interesting”.
BDO: Interesting is an appropriate word. I felt bad for the BSU cornerbacks. The Bronco defense was set up to stop the run which oftentimes left their cornerbacks in single coverage. I said I felt sorry for them, but even more, I feel happy for Big Game James Newson. Man oh man oh man he is looking good. I would throw the ball to him nine or more times any game where the other team dares to try single coverage.

The OSU cornerbacks had a good day overall. Brandon Browner was burned for a touchdown when the “bump” part of the “bump and run” didn’t connect, but other than that, he had a good day. Aric Williams had a bad play or two but was solid. Two incredible catches were made on him on BSU’s last touchdown drive, but he had good coverage. Both cornerbacks continue to tackle excellently.

From my angle Mikell did not make it across the goalline. You be the final judge. (He's the one behind #82.)

OSU: What were those officials thinking on Mikell’s touchdown? He wasn’t even close.
BSU: What were those officials thinking on that QB sneak? That play wasn’t even close.
BDO: There were plenty of bad calls against both teams to go around. It is a shame when the officials have so much impact on a football game.

NOTE: I hope that this game has K. Sanchez’ last personal foul of the year. Those types of penalties are inexcusable.


OSU: What the heck was up with the Boise State standing up defensive lineman thing?
BSU: It’s called the, “You can’t figure out how to block our run defense if we are all standing up scheme.”
BDO: I agree with BSU.


BSU: I can’t believe someone who had surgery less than two weeks ago can kick a fifty-one yard field goal.
OSU: I can’t believe someone who had surgery less than two weeks ago can kick a fifty-one yard field goal.
BDO: I can’t believe someone who had surgery less than two weeks ago can kick a fifty-one yard field goal.


OSU: BSU has good fans.
BSU: Ditto.
BDO: Fans from both schools were loud and proud. I watched the game in person and the replay on television. The stands are looking very orange.


OSU: Does that Avalos guy lose his helmet like that every game?
BSU: Yes.

Ryan Dinwiddie had a solid game despite being harassed by Richard Seigler.

BSU: That game ending drive was a killer.
OSU: That game ending drive was killer.
BDO: Keeping the ball the last seven minutes of a close game is the sign of a good team.



BSU: I can’t wait to get the Beavers in Boise next year.
OSU: I can’t wait to see the Beaver in Boise next year.
BDO: Let the rivalry begin.



  • I loved the play action calls. Steven Jackson drew mucho attention with those play fakes and the receivers were wide open.
  • Carl Tobey did another fine job of fielding field goal snaps, especially on Kirk’s second kick.
  • Carl Tobey did a good job of kicking the ball towards the sidelines in the latter part of the game.
  • Boise State’s kick returners are very good. I like the way they get the ball and get up field.
  • The defense played a heck of a game against a very good offense. L. Turner-lots of big plays, J. Jean-Baptiste-getting better every week, Linebackers-excellent as always.
  • Steven Jackson, when you say Steve, you’ve said it all.
  • Keller Christensen had the hit of the day. I hope his family had the video going.
  • The Beavs will end their tour of state school opponents with a thumping of ASU next week. See you in Corvallis.


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