Is it just me?

Beaver fans entered Reser Stadium in festive moods Saturday evening, and left in the highest spirits since last year's Civil War. I was happy because of events in Corvallis and in Eugene. On the drive home I said to Big Momma, "Is it just me, or is everyone happy that the Beavers won and the Ducks lost?" With that in mind...

Is it just me…or were Beaver fans a tad giddy before the game against the Sun Devils started? There were some fans in WSU gear sitting in front of me. An older gentleman in OSU colors came up to them and said, “Give me a hug, I just want to thank you.” I lost count, but the WSU versus U of O score must have been posted on the scoreboard about 100 times. It wasn’t quite as humorous when the score was seven to seven but was downright hilarious by the end of the night.

Is it just me…or were many Beaver Believers in the stands just a tad worried when they saw Matt Brock come out for the second half with his pads off? Jason Fyda did a fine job as Matt’s replacement. The Beavers’ second-string players have done a good job filling in when a first-stringer has gone down. Get well soon Matt!

Brandon Browner's play on Saturday could earn him Pac-10 honors.

Is it just me…or did Brandon Browner earn PAC-10 defensive player of the week honors? Three interceptions by a freshman is unheard of. All of the cornerbacks played great. They covered the ASU receiver like gloves, were solid in the tackling department, and the interceptions, well, you all know about the interceptions.

Is it just me…or was it oh so good to see Chaz Scott and Seth Lacey back in uniform? Chaz and Seth were flying all over the place on special teams and looked good out on the field. Speaking of special teams…

Is it just me…or was that the best game the special teams have played all year? The kick coverage was the best we’ve seen. The aforementioned Seth Lacey made a couple of nice tackles and Ryan Cole delivered a couple of monster hits. Ryan and Keller the Special Teams Killer served up an ASU sandwich on a kickoff that was a real crowd pleaser. Cole Clasen ran a punt back with some nifty footwork and had the good sense to fumble to a teammate. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention, once again, Carl Tobey’s excellent work handling placekicking snaps. Mike Riley might want to start looking at using Carl as a possession receiver; he obviously has great hands.

Is it just me…or was that the first “roughing the snapper” penalty you have ever hear of?

Is it just me…or were you impressed with the ASU running back Hakim Hill? That guy is a good player. He has good speed, can catch passes, is a tough runner and has a stiff-arm second only to Steven Jackson.

Is it just me…or was everybody impressed with the resilience that Derek Anderson showed? Derek took a beating in the first half, but kept his composure and made some great throws under pressure. I also like the new, super-foot-scrambling-action-model Derek. He is running when the opportunity presents itself and is doing it well.

ASU running back Hakim Hill had a good game for the Sun Devils.

Is it just me…or do the new Duck band uniforms look like a cross between roller derby and Starship Troopers?

Is it just me…or does Derek look like he has more fun when he busts out for an occasional run?

Is it just me…or does everyone know the Beavers have the best linebacker corps in the PAC-10? They are deep, they can run, they can cover, and they can tackle. Richard Seigler, Jonathon Pollard, Trent Bray, Seth Lacey, Chaz Scott, all played terrific.

Is it just me…or did the d-line dominate again? Dwan Edwards owned the middle, and Bill Swancutt continued his great play. How about his tackle on the screen pass?

Is it just me…or did anyone else feel like chanting, “Heis-man, Heis-man, Heis-man” after Steven Jackson’s touchdown run? That was some run. He turned, what should have been a loss, into a fifteen-yard touchdown run.

Is it just me…or should security throw a blanket over shirtless overweight middle aged drunkards when they are “escorting” them out of the stadium? Please, many of us had just had dinner!

Is it just me…or is everyone else running out of words to describe Big Game James Newson? It’s hard to find new words to describe James’ play, but it is much harder to try and cover him, or to tackle him near the end zone.

Is it just me…or are all Beaver Believers looking forward to next week’s game at Cal? It going to be a rough one, but I think the Beavs will get their second PAC-10 victory.

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