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This weekend was a near perfect sports weekend for the Big Daddy household. The Red Sox fought back from a 0-2 deficit to tie Oakland and force a game five, and the Beavers took it to the Bears to go 2-0 in conference play.

The Beavs jumped on Cal early and often, didn’t let mistakes rattle them, and put on a dominating performance. Take a look in the paper, there is an Oregon team sitting atop the PAC-10 standings, and it’s the Oregon team with the not-ugliest uniforms in sports.

The Beavers are getting better every week and I truly do wish that they were playing next week. It will be a long two weeks waiting for the Washington game.
The bye week does give me some to time to catch up on things, like answering your questions. Big Daddy is an equal opportunity question guy, so your questions will be answered, football related or not.

Derek Anderson had his best road game as a Beaver completing 18 of 27 for ____ yards and three total touchdowns.

QUESTION: Was this Derek Anderson’s best PAC-10 road game?

ANSWER: Without a doubt, this was Derek’s best day in a conference game on the road. Derek’s season is a parallel of the Beavers’ season. He, just like the team, is getting better every week. He is gaining in maturity too. The first quarter interception would have devastated Derek last year. The 2003 version of Derek shook off the miscue and guided the Beavers to an answering touchdown the very next series.


QUESTION: Steven Jackson gained 200+ yards. Will he finally start getting some attention for the Heisman race?

ANSWER: If 227 yards, two catches, and three touchdowns doesn’t get Steven’s name in the spotlight, I don’t know what will. I feel like #34 should have been getting more press this entire season. It’s strange how teams are happy that they “contained” him when he has had over 100 yards every game this season.

QUESTION: Is it true that scientists have cloned a rat?

ANSWER: Yes, believe it or not, scientists in France have produced the world’s first cloned rats. (Do rats really need help reproducing!?) Cloned rats, much like U of O band uniforms, are something that I will never understand.

QUESTION: It seems like the offense is getting more press than the defense, yet the defense hasn’t had a bad game yet. Are Beaver fans getting too lax in our appreciation of the defense?

ANSWER: Yes, I think that some Beaver fans take the defense’s great play for granted. The defense’s sustained excellence can make some people overlook their excellent play but not “true” fans. What is a “true” fan? A “true” fan is a fan that really knows what is going on. For example, all “true” baseball fans want to see a Red Sox/Cubs World Series.

This Red Sox fan hopes to be celebrating a Bo Sox victory tonight.

QUESTION: Carl Tobey did another great job of handling a bad snap or two. Are you going to have an article this year that doesn’t mention Carl?


QUESTION: What did you think about Jamaal Jackson’s hit on Vincent Strang?

ANSWER: I saw the hit on the news and it looked like Jamaal was trying to time his hit so I’ll call it a non-Kendall hit and hope Jamall isn’t the punt returner when the Beavs play Cal next year.

QUESTION: Is it true that Mike Parker set the all-time radio record for saying “Strawberry Canyon” the most times in a single broadcast?

ANSWER: Yes, Mike shattered the previous record of 18 set by Darrell Aune during a Beaver game in the mid-80’s. Mike uttered the phrase “Strawberry Canyon” an incredible 998 times during Saturday’s broadcast.

QUESTION: Does Steven Jackson wish he could play against Cal every week?

ANSWER: Two games, 466 yards, you tell me.

QUESTION: I noticed in the Sunday Oregonian that Uncle Phil is kicking in some dollars for a new basketball arena. This chaps my hide, what do you think?

ANSWER: You say, “This chaps my hide.” I’ll tell you why it chaps your hide. It is because you are jealous. You would be Uncle Phil’s biggest supporter if he were shoveling the money into a new OSU basketball venue. Get over it; Uncle Phil is a Duck guy. That said, money alone will not buy a championship. It was a scant three weeks ago that the U of O was being touted as a national championship contender and now they have the same chance at a national championship that Rush Limbaugh has of being invited to emcee the Essence Awards.

QUESTION: The game was not broadcast on television, was that hard on you?

ANSWER: I prefer to watch the Beavers play rather than listen to the game on the radio but Mike Parker and crew were in fine form, as always. I still can’t believe that game wasn’t on television. That will change as the season progresses, count on it.

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