A Tribute to Dee Andros

One of the most loved and eccentric coaches in Oregon State football history passed away Wednesday.  Dee Andros, better known as the Great Pumpkin, died at 79.  Andros coached for 11 seasons at OSU and is responsible for coaching in some of the biggest wins in Beaver football history. <br><br> The passing of Andros has prompted college football fans from around the nation to post stories, memories, and condolences.  Here is what some people had to say about the legendary coach.

Our hats are off to you, Coach
It is with deep respect and appreciation that I tip my Beaver hat to Coach Andros. I had the honor of meeting and chatting with "The Great Pumpkin" on several occasions during my tenure as Beaver Pride president in the early nineties. We had a little desk outside his office and I was just a student running a small student program promoting Beaver athletics, but Coach always remembered my name and would invite me into his office to ask how my day was.

I grew up in Corvallis and he was always a legend in my eye, and to have the chance to experience his passion for OSU was life altering. I didn't truly realize his impact on my life until today, funny how that happens. All you'd have to say is, "Howdy Coach!" and his eyes sparkled ... with a smile as wide as Texas. I didn't have contact with him over the past several years, but when I attended the Fiesta Bowl with 40,000 other Beaver fans he was all I could think about. I know he's proud of how the program is back and he has passed on as a happy Beaver.

May our team carry him on their shoulders this weekend, win or lose. Thank you Dee, we love you and miss you. - BeaverSoul

Goodbye, Coach
I would like to express my condolences to the family of Coach Andros, and to Beavers everywhere. Even though I am a Husky he was a hero to me, too. One of my most cherished possessions is a copy of his book, "Power T Football," which I consider a classic. He was a true football legend, universally admired throughout the conference. - tacomadawg71

Various comments from Ducks, Trojans, Cougars, and Huskies:
I remember the epic battles between him and his old Oklahoma teammate, Jim Owens in the late '60s. The Great Pumpkin was one of a kind. - ORdawg

I hope all you Beavers will accept my condolences on the passing of Dee Andros. He was a great representative for your university and for the State of Oregon. - GodLoveaDuck

My sincere condolences to the OSU family. Hope he is dressed in Orange for the 'Big Game' in heaven.  Fight On Great Pumpkin! - tustintroy

If true how sad. Rivalries aside, he was a great coach for you guys and quite a character who really was a well respected ambassador to OSU.  RIP Coach - JimsaDuck

I remember the Great Pumpkin very well. He was always well thought of in Cougar Country. The one player I remember well was Bill " Earthquake" Enyart.   Fun teams to watch compete in the old Pacific 8. - SilverCoug


What the media is saying...

Passing of a Giant
As one university began mourning the passing of a legend, others bowed their figurative heads in sympathy.

Such was the impact of Dee Andros' death early Wednesday morning at the age of 79.

Former football players, assistant coaches and administrators at Oregon State remember Andros and the impact he had on their lives — both professional and personal — with a fondness that goes beyond words...Aaron Yost, Gazette Times


The Great Pumpkins was larger than life
From afar, he cut a cartoonish figure as he'd race down the Parker Stadium ramp, his bright-orange windbreaker clinging to Oregon's most famous waistline and his stumpy legs spinning to keep pace with the super-sized freight they carried.

His rah-rah bluster and fist-pumping conjured up images of those myriad fire-and-brimstone career coaches who couldn't do anything but coach football.

They even called Dee Andros the "Great Pumpkin."...Jeff Welsch, Gazette Times


A love of fullbacks, fairness marks Great Pumpkin's career
What is the measure of a man? Does it lie in his triumphs or in his conduct when adversity shoulders in?

Surely, former Oregon State football coach Dee Andros, who died Wednesday at 79, will be remembered for his 1967 Giant Killers, but you won't find the essence of Andros in records; they are far too bloodless.

Nor will you find the measure of Andros in his stunning victory over John McKay's No. 1 USC Trojans in 1967...Brain Meehan, Oregonian


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