Let's not sugarcoat it

Big Daddy Orange gives a somewhat harsh take on the Civil War.

The Beavers got beat, bettered, buffeted and battered,

They were drubbed, hammered, and lambasted, when it really mattered.

The Beavers were pasted, pelted, pummeled and pounded.

Thrashed, tromped, walloped, whopped, and bludgeoned until the final gun sounded.

The Beavers were pistol-whipped, leg-whipped, lashed, laced, and flogged.

They were messed up, clobbered, and shellacked like Cougars playing Dawgs.

The Beavers had their butts tanned, were out-manned, conquered, crushed, defeated.

They were whipped, whupped, mauled, roughed up, and from the standings unseated.

They were out played, outshone, outstripped, and taken to the outhouse too.

Overpowered, smeared, ransacked, subjugated, vanquished and subdued.

They took their lumps, were handed bumps,

And they left the game a bunch of grumps.

The End

Disclaimer #1: The contents of this poem is solely the responsibility of Big Daddy Orange and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else on this web site.

Disclaimer #2: It is only a game, it is only a game, it is only a game, it is only a game, it is only a game.

Disclaimer #3: Las Vegas is waaaaaaaaaay more fun than El Paso or San Diego.

Disclaimer #4: A victory over the Toejams would be one of those games that would go down in OSU history.

Disclaimer #5: What did OSU do to the NCAA to deserve three bye weeks?

Disclaimer #6: Why do I torture myself and root for the Beavers first and the Cougars second? Why, why, why!?

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