Spring Camp Report: Day 1

On a beautiful, but windy day in Corvallis the men in black stretched, competed, sweated and learned during the first of 15 practices in April. <br><br> Player news, performance summeries, and exclusive pictures can all be viewed and read inside.

  • The first practice of the spring was out side on the two fields next to the Truax Indoor Practice Facility.

  • New players numbers:
    -- WR Kevin Swanigan #1
    -- OL Chris Miller #77
    -- RB Charles Burnley #37
    -- LB Zach Hagemeister #87, with Hagemeister taking 87, I believe Arcadius St. Laurent is gone, I don't recall seeing him.
    -- TE Carl Appleton #81
    -- LB Keith Ellison #4 (seen to the right)

  • It appeared that Alexis Serna was working with the first team field goal and PAT team.

  • A comical note from early on in practice: while the receivers were warming up, WR George Gillett appeared to trip on one of the lines on the field, in other words, on the grass.

  • My first day award for most impressive player goes to WR Brandon Powers, #82, obviously it is very early, but I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up as a starter in game one vs. LSU.

  • RB Yvenson Bernard was a close second, he looked extremely quick and very explosive.

    << Junior college transfer Chris Miller works on blocking drills with a fellow offensive lineman.

  • WR Mike Hass looked just as good if not better than last year, but I was expecting a good day from him, so I wasn't surprised.

  • The offense ran quite a few screen plays to the running back, Bernard looked awesome--very quick, good cuts, reminds me a lot of Ken Simonton, but quicker and faster--I also heard other fans saying the same type of things about him, so I know I'm not the only one.

  • With the absence of Kanan Sanchez the first string offensive line was (from left to right) #61, Adam Koets, #74, Jason Fyda, #73 Matt Brock, #67 Roy Schuening, #65 Doug Nienhuis.

  • The receivers were rotating quite a bit, two combos i noticed working with the first team were -- Hass, Powers and Gillett, and Hass, Powers, and Swanigan.

  • I did think Swanigan had a nice day, especially for his first day of practice, he made a few nice grabs.


This next set of notes is from "skeli"--or 7 on 7:

  • WR Josh Hawkins dropped a pass on the sideline that was right in the numbers, but a couple plays later he came right back and made a nice catch in traffic.

From left to right wide receivers Kevin Swanigan, Josh Hawkins, Mike Hass and George Gillett.
  • SS Sabby Piscitelli made a nice pick on a deep pass intended for Hass from Derek Anderson, shortly after that Anderson completed a deep pass to Hass, who made a diving catch on the play, one of the plays of the day.

  • Gunderson to Hawkins on an out route, to the far side of the field from where I was, which was to Gunderson's left.

  • Gunderson complete at least two passes to Brandon Powers, one was a sliding catch on an out route, the other was across the middle.

New set of notes:

  • For those of you that are Keller Christensen fans, it appeared that he got a haircut, no long flowing hair for him unless it was tucked into his helmet, I never saw him with it off.

  • CB Aric Williams and Mike Hass took turns catching punts from #36 Jon Strowbridge.

    Andy Darkins takes a water break with Reser Stadium in the background. >>
  • When the team went to 11 vs. 11 the starter on defense were, 96-Brandon Scales, 92 Alvin Smith, 95 Sir Henry Anderson, and obviously 90 Bill Swancutt on the d-line, lbs were, 21 Chaz Scott, 44 Trent Bray, 40 Jonathan Pollard, secondary, same corners, 8 Aric Williams, 39 Brandon Browner, Safeties (w/ Mitch out due to off-season surgery) Sabby and Harvey were with the first team


11-on-11 highlights:

  • Anderson completed passes to Powers, Dwight Wright (one a screen, the other a short dump off), Bernard, and one to Joe Newton as he (Anderson) was rolling left.

  • Gunderson had a nice rollout (to the right) pass complete to Powers, soon after that, what looked to possibly be the same play, Gunderson attempted a pass for Powers that was almost picked off by Eric Anderson, it happened pretty quick but it looked more like good defense rather than poor offense.

I saw a few former Beavers at practice:

  • Jared Cornell an offensive lineman who played for the Beavers the year they
    won the Fiesta Bowl.

  • Also in attendance were Anton Clarkson, who really looks a lot thicker than he was, and former punter Carl Tobey.

  • On a side note, a friend of mine said he saw WR James Newson on campus earlier this week and that James his taking classes this spring.

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