Chilly Day in Corvallis

For their second of 14 April practices before the May 1 Spring game, the Beavers practiced outdoors on Prothro Field. It was a chilly and overcast day as the Beavers took the field.

The running backs, receivers and tight ends worked with the quarterbacks early in practice on catching the ball over their outside shoulder. Nobody in particular stood out.  Following the catching drill, the backs broke off and continued to work on snagging the pigskin while the quarterbacks and tight ends worked on a variety of routes.

The team went to “skeli” a few different times. Quarterback Derek Anderson seemed to be throwing quite a few good passes, but he wasn’t getting a lot of help. Often times passes were dropped, while the defenders sripped others out of the
receivers’ hands. Cornerback Aric Williams really stood out as he stripped a lot of balls and covered his receivers pretty well most of the day.

Linebacker Keith Ellison also had a nice day as he covered the running backs coming out of the backfield.  If it had been full-contact a running back would have been left flat on his back several times for negative yardage.

Quarterbacks Ryan Gunderson and Adam Rothenfluh both looked okay, but not great. They both completed more passes than Anderson, but like I said before, Anderson had a ton of passes dropped.

Perhaps the play of the day was the last play of skeli as Anderson completed a tough pass to wide receiver George Gillett in traffic, with Williams covering and strong safety Harvey Whiten close by. Gillett and Whiten collided, Whiten went down, but he appeared to be fine.

After practice was over a few players were taking extra practice catch punts from a pitching machine.

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