Spring Camp Report: Day 2

Current and former player news and notes, play by play from the skeli's, field goal statistics and more inside the premium report from day 2.

These notes are basically as I took them while I was at practice. Keep in mind I’m not perfect and I don’t catch everything. Part way through I talk about the field goals, I was trying to write quickly so when I was taking down the yardages I’m not positive they are correct, also on the outcome of the kick, I wasn’t in a great spot to see, but I am pretty sure on those, just not 100%. Also, since the practice was outdoors, the team was spread over two fields, rather than on one in cases when the team practices indoors.
  • The first note I have is that Kirk Yliniemi was at practice. He had to miss class today because he was kicking for scouts from the Steelers, Giants, and 49ers.
  • Richard Seigler and James Newson drove by practice, they may have watched part of it, but I was trying to pay attention to what was going-on on the field and I don’t know for sure if they watched or not.
  • Danny Kalavi was not at practice today, he may have had class, I did see him walk out of Valley when I first got there.
  • Receivers, backs, and tight ends working on catching the ball over their outside shoulders.
  • QBs-Tight Ends-working on a number of different routes, at the same time the running backs were, without quarterbacks, working on the swing route.
  • The quarterbacks broke away from the tight ends and practiced handoffs, swing passes and play action passes with the running backs.
  • At the same time as that was going on I checked out the linebackers, it looked like they were working on “filling the gap.”
  • They had just been indoors previously, and when they first started Chaz Scott looked to be in poor health and took a breather—but he came back later in the drill.
  • I didn’t see Jonathan Pollard at that point, and when I did see him later on I noticed that his leg was wrapped, it looked like it may have been a calf injury, but in no way can I confirm that at this point.
  • With Pollard, Scott (at first), as well as Kalavi out—the linebacking trios were-Ellison-Bray-Lacey, Doggett-Davidson-Christensen and Doug Meeuwsen-Andy Darkins-Kelly Phelps----once Chaz returned, he replaced Lacey in the first group who replaced Christensen in the second group.
  • At that point I moved over to watch the QBs and WRs.
  • They were working on combo routes (I’d have to draw it out, but I would call it a slant and go, and slant again), they also worked on dual receiver routes with a ball coming from two different quarterbacks on the same play.
  • Skeli (play by play as well as I could get it, some of this is opinion, you should be able to tell what I mean by that)
    (Quarterbacks referred to by initials)
  • I missed the first few because I got caught up talking to some older gentlemen that were in attendance.

DA complete to Hass
DA picked by Browner
DA incomplete to Hawkins, looked like pass interference on Aric Williams
AR incomplete Gillett, looked close
AR complete to Hass
RG complete to Jeremy Weldon
RG incomplete to Josh Hawkins, good throw, looked like receivers fault
DA incomplete Hass, ball was stripped by Aric Williams
DA incomplete Haines, he ran before he caught the ball, it was on his hands
DA incomplete Hawkins, in and out of his hands
DA incomplete Swanigan, hit him in the numbers, but Aric Williams was right there, all over him, maybe even in PI
AR complete to Haines
AR incomplete to Hass-deep route, ball thrown a little too far
RG incomplete to Weldon, looked catch-able, but Ellison may have had a hand on it
RG complete to Powers, on the far sideline from where I was, looked to be a really nice catch
DA checkdown to Dwight Wright
DA-checkdown to Wright, incomplete, Ellison was there
DA checkdown complete to Wright, Ellison there again, definitely would have been stopped for a loss

This is the point when I first noticed Jonathan Pollard.


Back to skeli

DA incomplete Hass, Aric Williams on the break up
DA incomplete Gillett, AW on the coverage, deep throw, too deep
DA incomplete Hass, good try for Hass, ball appeared to be under-thrown, Hass slowed and went up for the catch but Browner had nice coverage
DA incomplete Powers, Sabby on the coverage
AR complete to Powers, Anthony Wheat-Brown on the coverage
AR complete to Weldon
RG complete to Hawkins
RG complete to Hass, in route, Kellen Marshall coverage
DA incomplete to Newton, Ellison with the break up
DA incomplete to Newton, too high, Sabby was there
DA complete to Swanigan, AW coverage
DA incomplete to Powers, good attempt at a diving catch for Powers, Harvey on the coverage
AR-complete Haines, AWB coverage
AR incomplete-between a couple receivers
RG checkdown to Burnley, pass dropped
RG complete to Hawkins, comeback route, Justin Williams on the coverage
DA incomplete to Gillett, AW coverage, maybe Pass interference
DA incomplete, looked like a bad/wrong route, Riley was upset with Hawkins
DA complete Hass, Browner on the coverage
DA complete to Gillett, AW coverage, Harvey was there too, GG and HW collided and HW went down, he looked fine though, just looked like GG ran him over


Field Goals

  • Serna good from 20, 33, 39
  • Wopat good from 20, 35, 42
  • Serna appeared to miss from 45, wide right
  • Wopat’s last kick was blocked by Aric Williams

Offense was working on running plays vs. “dummy defense”
They also worked on play action passes



  • Opened with two runs, Alvin Smith and Bill Swancutt looked good.
  • Missed a bunch in the middle pitching the website to a guy I was talking to last play was deep to Hawkins, ball was on the money, but it was juggled and then picked off by Aric Williams.
  • After practice Kellen Marshall, Yvenson Bernard, Charles Burnley, and Josh Hawkins were fielding punts from a converted pitching machine.

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